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by Shaara
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This is a Tercet sock challenge. We had to use all three types of tercet.

Socks, Tercets, and Cats

A tercet poem contains three lines,
So sock-filled dissertations aren’t real easy,
Yet tercets and socks are like fuzzy felines

For often they speak with the same gentle words,
The socks of comfort, the kitties of purrs --
While tercets resonate songs still as birds.

It’s certain socks bring pleasure like cats,
And sometimes they’re even more flashy.
Yet rarely do socks ever chase away rats.

But socks come in reds, violets, and blues,
And my cat, although pretty, wears only gray.
Oh, how I wish she came in such hues.

Socks stay in drawers just where you put them.
And never bolt out through open doors,
But socks never curl up and purr you a tercet.

I like my socks warm and cozy as cats,
Straight from the dryer, and still slightly warm,
But my cat is a constant; the socks often hide.

Ah, socks, such a treasure, my feet do agree.
For they fit quite so nicely, are pretty, and soft,
And just like tercets and kitties; they’re cosily comfy.

          Verses 1 & 2 are Sicilian Tercets.
          Verses 3, 4, & 5 are Enclosed Tercets.
          Verses 6 & 7 are Unrhymed Tercets.
          Verse 8 is an Enclosed Tercet


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