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Famous people I have met or came close to meeting.
I had this on here before but I decided to put this back on. Enjoy!

I have met or came close to meeting famous people. Every word is true and I wanted to share this with everyone.

When I was three years old, my parents and I lived in Arizona, my mother took me to Tuscon with her because she wanted to see Peter Brown, the actor who was going to be in town. I let go of my mother's hand and wandered off and a big, nice man picked me up and said:"Little girl, you need to find your mother or you will get stepped on or lost!" The man carried me around and my mother turned around as the man handed me back to my mother. She thanked him. The man was Alan Hale, JR! That's right! The Skipper on Gilligan's Island! I always liked the Skipper and I feel a special bond with him everytime I watch a rerun of the show.

My mother and I met Bobby Bare's sister. She showed pictures of Bobby to Mom when he was a little boy and demo albums of Bobby Bare made out to Sis. She even looked like him. I always liked the song Five Hundred Miles away From Home by him.

My parents and I saw John F. Kennedy when Dad was in the Air Force and we went to Andrews Air Force Base and he waved at the crowd as he got off the Presidential Airplane. We lived in Maryland next to the base at the time. Dad was a mechanic on an airplane when JFK got killed. Dad was working in the hanger when the Presidential plane landed after JFK got killed and he saw Jackie get off the plane as she was being escorted by military guards. I always feel so sad when I think of JFK being killed.

My parens and I also saw the astronauts Grissom and Young in person at the Air Force Base.

When we lived in Tennessee, my parents, grandparents and I went to see Loretta Lynn's Rodeo. I had a program book of her and stood in line to get her autograph. I got autographs of her and her band members. She hadn't looked at me until then when she said "Did I sign your book, Dear?" She had the prettiest blue eyes and sweetest smile. I smiled and said "Yes." I had always liked her music.

In Tennessee, my parents and I lived next door to General Moorehouse and his wife. The General had been General Macarthur's private doctor in World War 2. One day, a big black car pulled up in their yard. Mom saw a classy woman get out of the car. Mrs. Moorehouse told Mom later you should have come over. You could have met Mrs. Macarthur! She was the woman in the car.

The neighbor on the other side was Bobby Harden. He had fifteen minutes of fame as a country singer. He sang with the Harden Trio, his sisters Arlene and Robbie. They had a song "Tippy Toeing." Some of the words: OH MOTHER GOES TIPPY, TIPPY TOEING THROUGH THE HOUSE. GOT TO SEE WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE BABY. IT's BEEN BAWLING AND CRYING AND KICKING ON THE WALL. I GUESS IT DROPPED IT's LITTLE BOTTLE MAYBE. A good song. Bobby had a record "Don't Drive Me Or You Will Drive Me Away. Good song but it didn't last. His sister Arlene had a couple of hit songs but her career didn't last, either. Bobby was a nice man and good singer and I used to baby-sit for him.

My son and I have been to two Alice Cooper Concerts. I love Alice. He really puts on a good show. After every concert, Alice goes to McDonalds for a quarter pounder with cheese. After the concert, we saw a limo leave and we followed it. Guess what! It went to McDonalds to the Drive Through. We were right behind the Limo. We turned his CD up loud and I was waving the teddy bear of him I had bought at his concert. We were yelling"Alice!" I was hoping he would roll down the window and stick his black gloved hand and wave but he didn't. Maybe I should have layed down in front of the Limo. The Limo left. We got to the Drive up window and we asked what the people in the limo had ordered. The girl said"Four quarter pounders with cheese." Yes! It was Alice! We told the girl that and she screamed and said "I Could have just served Alice Cooper!" All she saw was the driver. At the second Alice Concert we went to, my son Jason was next to the stage and Alice put the mike down to him and he sang a few words of one of Alice's songs.

I have seen Merle Haggard, Peter Frampton, Kiss, Dolly Parton, Buck Owens and Waylon Jenninngs. I got Waylon amd Merle's autographs. They are really nice. I recently got an E-mail from Danielle Steel after I E-mailed her. I told her how I love her books and I write, too. She wrote back and wished me the best and thanked me for being a fan.

I would love to meet Johnny Depp, Leonardo Decaprio, Bon Jovi, and Kevin Sorbo but I can't meet everybody. I hoped you have enjoyed this story. Thanks for reading.
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