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by dahan
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The world as seen from the windows of a quiet room on a snowy evening...........
None but the truth so softly said that I
Can caress the words as a lullaby
The gently forming mist within the trees
Calls within the beckoning fingers
Whispering songs sang in harmony
That seep into my soul to linger
Within the thoughts planted so long ago
And there they lie
None but the past so softly seen that I
Can close my eyes and smile
As the images, so clear float by
And for awhile,
Become the future
And the images of pastures white
Grayed forests standing to the distance
Played within the dim twilight
Left not to chance....
Horses standing within the span
And the heart filled as if rising a sense
Of all things new and grand
Scenes of the creation as the snow becomes dense
And through the portrait of a world unspoiled
I can hear the songs born within my heart
And to God give thanks for all his toil
In making a world so beautiful at the start
Before a man could make his mark
Before the hurt that man could bring
Before a passing to the dark
Before we could harm anything
For it's there within myself to know
That man makes his mark
He carves it in rock..
But you, my Lord, you carve it in hearts.
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