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by SusanM
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Op-ed piece that was mailed as a formal letter to our President.
An Open Letter To President Bush

I am a long-time, loyal supporter sir, who has confidence and faith in the decisions you’ve made for our country during one of the most difficult periods in our history. I believe you should continue to do so, and I plan to vote for you in November.

Why I write today is to express my concerns regarding some issues that you will need to address during this election season. I hope that my words and viewpoint will give you pause to reconsider how these matters might be handled.

To begin, I am extremely concerned about the legislation that gives the FCC sweeping new powers over the broadcast media. Enforce the laws and standards we already have, and trust in the American people to exercise the freedom they’ve always had — TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL when they encounter something objectionable. Should a performer conduct themselves outside clearly stated standards of decency, they personally should be fined, and the rest will take care of itself.

I ask you to remember that it falls to you to defend our right to freedom of speech, one of the most basic of principles our founding fathers held dear. Unpleasant and distasteful as some forms of entertainment might be to you, EVERYONE has the right to speak freely, without censure. You don’t have to like it, but you MUST accept it as one of the cornerstones on which our country is built. Please do not support this measure sir, and encourage those you know to instead exercise their God-given right to change the channel.

Next, as to gay marriage, I agree with your position to define marriage as it has been throughout the ages — as between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. Sad that it’s come to this. However, the homosexual lifestyle is now part of mainstream America, like it or not. These people are not going away. It is their right as citizens to have the option to enter into some legally binding union that will be recognized in all states. Having said this, I urge you to do all you can to continue to support the proposed amendment to our Constitution while making some provision for committed gay couples.

It being an election year, the economy will no doubt be a big issue. I’m no economist, but it has been my experience that the good times and bad are cyclical, and can be influenced but not driven by government action. I urge you to continue to support small businesses and working families with tax breaks, incentives and programs so that we can build on the solid foundation of the last few years.

Perhaps my most pressing concern Mr. President, is the safety and security of my home and family. On 9/11 everything changed, and I came face to face with how terribly vulnerable we are. You were a true leader during that terrible time, and I’m grateful for your actions on our behalf.

As we move forward, I would like to see ou take more direct actions to secure our borders, both land and sea. America does NOT owe the people of the world entrance into this great country. We welcome those who are willing to work, learn our language and live within our laws. As to the rest, we should make it as difficult as we can for them to get here illegally. Please help in this.

As to Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, I am surprised we didn’t find any, but clearly the potential was there, and needed to be addressed. Saddam is out of power, and that can only be good for the United States. I strongly support the war and our troops, though I respect those who are willing to put their future on the line with conscience objection, and hope that you will respect this right and treat these individuals fairly. I trust that you will do all you can, whether we ever know it or not, to fight the war on terror.

I conclude Mr. President, with something that has been troubling me for some time. There has been a persistent thought in the media that you are too loyal to the “religious right” of this country. I’m not sure who these people are exactly, or if they do indeed influence you, but I can tell you this. They are a minority, albeit a vocal one, and if you continue to give the appearance of catering to their rigid agenda, you will lose the support of mainstream Americans like myself.

And we can make all the difference.

I hope sir, that you have found something of value in my words, and I wish you well.

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