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Dedicated to all the survivors of cancer
Internal Eternal

Late at night unsuspecting sleep-pillowed head,
is molested by evil inside its warm bed.
It slips through the cracks of the body earthbound,
unscathed and untainted where it lives safe and sound.

Internal eternal the defiant hag born,
dwells in the flesh in some similiform.
And when least expected its slaughterous heart,
raises its black head and eats at a part.

Some can defeat it while others succumb,
jizzicked and crippled, unraveled, benumb.
Some are hardfisted with undaunted wills.
Some are resistant to the evil that kills.

And those that survive with Atlantean strength,
bathed in the pain of incessant length,
pristine and puissant as Hyperion Lancers,
are profoundly changed by terminal cancers.

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