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by Lenny
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Romance/Love · #852853
Rebecca Kaine is sent to a new school.
A/N: a constant work in progress. I have the ideas in my head - I just quickly wrote this on the spot, please tell me if you like it. ^_^

Rebecca Kaine waved a quick goodbye to her father as she trudged up the steps to her new school. She didn't particularly like the idea of changing schools, and she didn't particularly like the idea of the fuss made about such a change. Sure, she'd miss her old friends (she'd barely had a chance to give a farewell), but she'd see them at the train station, around the shops and everything.
There were two ladies behind the desk at the school office. One had stationed herself as far away from the door as possible, which looked pretty difficult considering the room was so tiny. The other was a wiry, elderly lady with smile wrinkles around her lips. This second woman was the one who queried what she was doing at the school.
"Oh, I'm a new student. Transfer from Varvo Private."
The lady's mouth crinkled. There went the wrinkles.
"Ahh! Wonderful. Let's see - we received a file yesterday, fax from your previous school, I think. Let me just see if I can't find it in this box...."
She saw the other lady in the back corner of the room cringe. But, obviously, the reason why the happy one was serving her was because she probably was good at dealing with people. And enjoyed doing so. She decided she'd rather be in that little corner too, than have to deal with students and frustrated parents all day.
"Here we are!" The lady whipped up quickly, which made her look remarkably flexible for her age. She began to wonder whether the old lady had actually had a back reconstruction.
"Sorry - name please?"
"Kaine, Rebecca. You have got my details, right?" She leant over on the desk a little.
The woman at the back frowned at her.
"Yes, yes.. Oh no. Your previous school forgot to fill in this part about standards of work - would you like to come back.. after lunch and we should have it fixed for you by then." The woman's mouth crinkled into a warm smile again.
Rebecca shrugged and nodded.
"Good. Right. I'll just find you a timetable; for today you will just be attending the mandatory classes - we won't know exactly what subjects you're doing until we get those details back from your previous school."
"Oh." She found the words "previous school", once popping up frequently enough, could be quite an annoyance. The lady at the back clearly agreed. She went back to typing away on the large computer on the desk in front of her.
"Wouldn't I be able to just tell you what subjects I do?"
"Ahh.. But you may find that our.. cirriculum is.. slightly adjusted compared to your previous school's." She cringed.
"Well, we'll send the girl on duty to help you find your first classroom."
"Uh.. thanks," she replied.
"My pleasure. And welcome to Apex Girls' High."
Rebecca swore she saw the other lady at the back roll her eyes as she walked out of the room.

'Now...' She looked down at her complicated looking timetable. 'This school's bigger than my old one.. Hope I memorise it soon enough.. Wasn't there supposed to be someone to help me find my class?'
A girl younger than herself suddenly swaggered in her direction.
"You're new?"
She nodded in return.
"Right. I'm busy at the moment - don't bother asking - but I'll just show you your first room. Come back later for the full tour." The girl grabbed Rebecca's timetable, snapping the gum she had in her mouth and putting a hand through her (obviously dyed) black hair. 'Do people just leave their eyebrows blond now if they're dyeing their hair?' she considered. And she definately wouldn't have been allowed gum at her old school. Things were clearly going to be different here.
"Right, history corridor. Here, on the right." the girl led them down a short hall then pointed to further along. "Room 213B - the last one on the left. Have fun." The girl popped her gum once more then disappeared back around the corner.
She wasn't sure what to expect as she quietly opened the door to her first history lesson, but it soon became apparent that the room was soundproofed. She hadn't heard all the talking and squealing when she'd been out in the corridor.
There was a faint-looking male teacher that was writing on the white board and shuffling papers at the same time. The class was chattering away, and gradually getting louder to hear one another over the noise.
She stepped up to her teacher, who gave a quick nod, tried to cough to get the attention of the class, probably to announce the arrival of a new student, but gave up as only two girls had even noticed her come in. He signaled for her to take a seat while he continued his notes on the board.
"If you ah.. have any questions, any at all, (preferrably about the actual work and not about my personal life)" here the middle-aged man coughed, "please don't hesitate to ask. I'm Mr. Wurnar."
She gave an uncertain smile, which probably would have encouraged him as a teacher had he seen it.
She looked around quickly. There were a few seats - one near the popular looking girls, with some punks at the back which everyone else steely avoided (a goth was drawing in red and had headphones on, with music she could hear from the front of the room), and one seat amongst a group of quieter students. She took the one near the front with the less-than-screaming people.
She sat next to an Asian girl, who quickly introduced herself as "Maggie, but I hate my name" and a brunette with straight hair that matched her own, but she looked at Rebecca with frightened eyes.
© Copyright 2004 Lenny (loseralone at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/852853