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This little prose is for children everywhere.
Kaylen and the Butterflies

         A little girl walks into her mom and dad’s room. She has her father’s inquisitiveness and her mother’s charm. Daddy, please tell me a story. Well angel okay. He remembers the Earth of not long ago. He places his little angel between himself and her mom and starts his story as they listen. His little girl watches as the expressions on her father’s face become more serious. There was a time on the Earth were it seemed people would never learn not to hate. For a long time countries all over the earth had people who hated others because they were lighter skinned, darker skinned, a different religion, or whatever could be found about others they didn’t like.

         Daddy? Yes angel? Who are they? Well. They angel were everyone, daddy, mommy, everyone. One day the hate spread like a disease and almost killed everyone. That wasn’t long ago. That was the day the butterflies screamed and a beautiful young lady appeared to people in all the lands of the Earth. Her name was Kaylen. She was a little girl much like you. She simply asked all the people of the earth to see the beauty they destroyed with all their ugliness.

         Kaylen reminded us: The butterflies are all the beautiful things this Earth has to offer man and woman, the beautiful and cherished things we tend to forget, the blue skies, animals, trees, people of all cultures and places, the soft wet rain on a summers day, or the smell of beautiful flowers, all of the beautiful things the Earth has to offer, and the butterflies too daddy? Yes angel, the butterflies too.
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