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by Kings
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The scary walk down the old secluded farm road still haunts me to this day.

"A Frightening Walk"

         In the dense woods of South Carolina a legend was born. It told of a creature that lived in and haunted the rural countryside. No one had ever seen it up close therefore its true appearance was a mystery. Raccoon hunters who hunted the woods at night told of hearing a growling , howling sounds coming from the woods. They told of the creature shaking trees, and bushes as it moved about in the night.

I was born in this area of South Carolina and being a country boy I was not afraid of this thing or its legend. More than once I had walked through the dense woods and down that old dirt road without seeing or hearing anything.

Then, one night I walked down the secluded dirt road and for the first time I became Paranoid. The misty rain was cool and it hindered my view as I struggled to find my way. Down the road, I saw the movement of a distant figure near the bend in the road. It was hard to see anything the night was pitch dark and the weather did not help any.

I walked on until I reached the bend in the road, but I did not see or hear anything. My feet were sliding all over the muddy road I almost fell down several times. I had walked the old farm road many times it was a shortcut to my house, from my friend Bob's house. The area was very hilly, secluded, and the road was surrounded by dense woods.

I had about a mile to walk before reaching my house and I was not going to waste anytime getting there. I could hear the Owls and the normal sounds in the woods at night. but, I was frightened of the figure I had seen at the bend in the road. I started to walk up the big hill beyond the bend, when I heard a growling noise and movement of something in the woods. I began shaking with fright whatever this creature was it had me terrified.

I tried to pick up my walking pace but, the mud made it impossible I slipped and slid all over. By then the rain began to pour down and I could barely see my way through it. It was getting harder to maintain my balance as I climbed up the hill on the old farm road.

At the top of the hill I could barely see something standing in the road and it seemed to be huge. I stopped! then started to turn around and go back to my friend Bob's house. But I realized the creature would probably follow me there too. So I stood there quivering from the chilly rain, and shaking from the sight of this beast . After a moment or two it finally walked off the road into the woods.

This somewhat relieved my fear but, I was still shaking and quivering from the fright. I knew I had to walk to the top of the hill and down the other side so I started to do so. I walked up near the top then I heard that growling noise again and the sounds of movement in the woods. This terrified me my knees almost buckled from the fright.

Eventually I walk over the top and started down the other side of the hill while constantly looking behind me. The mud was terrible to walk on going down the hilly road. Then it happened! I fell down on the muddy road twisting my ankle! Not only did it hurt me tremendously but, now I could barely stand up.

After standing on one leg for awhile and trying to keep my balance. I grab an old tree limb near the side of the road and after some alterations used it for a crutch. I limped down the hill along side the muddy road hoping to maintain my balance. I thought what am I going to do about my twisted ankle? The idea of running was out of the question even if thebeast was chasing me.

Then I remembered the big maple tree at the bottom of the hill where Bob, and I had built a tree house out of logs and limbs. If I could walk that far perhaps I could climb up to it. We had driven railroad spikes into it up to the house to use as steps. Maybe I could stay there overnight and wait for my parents or possibly Bob to find me tomorrow. This seemed to be the only reasonable choice I had.

It had been awhile since I had heard or seen anything of the creature. Eventually I made it to the bottom of the hill where the big maple tree house was. There I stopped to look and listen for any movement or sound nearby. My ankle was throbbing with pain but, I knew I had to climb up to the tree house So I grab the first railroad spike and pulled myself up one step. then I put my good leg on the bottom spike to support my weight by using the spikes to pull me up and using my good leg for support I made it up to the tree house.

It had been some time since Bob and I played in the old tree house. I was surprised to find it in such good shape. Except for some over growth of branches it had not change much. I tore off some of the surrounding small branches to make a shelter from the rain. After awhile it became warm and cozy in the shelter. I lay there with my ankle throbbing, but at least I could relax a little now. As I lay there half asleep, thoughts ran through my mind as to what this beast or creature could be. I wanted to find out one way or the other. I felt safe laying high up in the tree house. I had seen an animal called a whom- pus cat, but it was much smaller than this creature seemed to be. Eventually I fell asleep and did not awake until next morning.

As the night gave way to the mornings light I had awakened and the rain had stopped. After laying in a still position overnight my ankle had stiffened up I could barely move my leg. I knew it could take along time for someone to find me in the tree house. So I looked around to the surrounding woods for any sight of the creature I saw nothing except the woods. Bob, was the only person who knew where the tree house was located. Even though it was only about 50ft from the old farm road it was secluded among the other trees. I knew Mom and Dad would call Bob to see if I was at his house. Maybe Bob would meet them to search for me and remember the old tree house? I was thirsty, very hungry, and in great pain with my ankle. Maybe I would be found soon then all would be okay.

After laying there in the tree house for an hour or so I heard a faint sound coming from down the road. I could not make out what the sound was at first. Then I heard it again this time I knew it was a humans voice. Judging from the direction it was coming from it may be Bob's voice. Sure enough it was Bob yelling my name very loud. I yelled back to Bob asking for help. I guess bob knew where I was when I asked for help. He came over to the big maple tree house and asked what was wrong with me. After telling him about my twisted ankle and some of last nights ordeal. He climbed up to the tree house and helped me down to the ground. I was so relieved that he had found me in the tree house. However I still had to walk home in some manner. Bob was much bigger and stronger than me I knew he was capable of getting me home. Bob always carried a big pocket knife. He took the knife and cut a tree limb with a fork at one end to fit under my arm pit to support the weight on my bad leg. The homemade crutch worked quiet well to help me walk.

Bob and I walked slowly toward my house he was a great friend. As we walked he told me Mom and Dad had called him about me missing overnight he agreed to search for me on his own. Bob knew the old farm road as well as me and assured them he would find me. Then we talked about the creature what I had seen and heard last night. He said it could be almost any big wild animal in the dense woods. I told him I wanted to find out what it was so I could continue the shortcut walks to and from both our houses. He agreed because he also used the short cut at times.

I was sure glad the rest of the walk home was mostly flat ground. My ankle was really hurting me and it was swelled badly. I hoped that it was not broken all I knew it was sure hurting me. The homemade crutch Bob made me sure helped me walk but, now my arm pit and shoulder were hurting me from the strain on them. We walked on down the old farm road avoiding the mud as much as we could. Bob and I discussed why the creatureshowed itself last night for the first time to me. I had certainly walked the old road many times at night by myself. Then I thought did the rain have anything to do with it perhaps its home had gotten flooded from all the rain. I did not know but, I sure did not want to spend another night in these woods.

Eventually Bob and I made the long walk to my house I was wore out hungry and thirsty. Mom and Dad met us at the back door of the house. They grabbed and hugged me Mom started crying when she saw my ankle. All I could think of was food and a coke to drink. After walking to my bed I stripped and put on some warm pajamas I was to tired to take a shower. Mom cooked me a hamburger and gave me a coke to drink. I ate a couple of candy bars. After that I fell asleep and slept the rest of the day.

I went to the doctor with my ankle thank goodness it was not broken. The doctor wrapped it with a bandage and told me to stay off it for a couple of weeks. While I was laid up in the bed with a lot of time on my hands. My thoughts were on the creature as to how I could find out what it was.

After 3 weeks I was on my feet again ready to hunt for the beast . I called my friend Bob on the phone to tell him of my plans concerning this wild animal . I suggested that we go hunting at night with a couple of bright lights and a gun. Bob agreed so we met about half way between our houses on the old farm road one night. We had our cell phones with us for any emergency, "better safe than sorry" . We started our hunt by walking 50ft. off the right side of the road toward Bob's house. Bob and I were very nervous and afraid as we walked in the dense woods even though we had a shot gun. We walked on until we reached Bob's Dad's property line without seeing anything of the creature .

We then crossed the old farm road to the other side and began to walk back through the woods in the other direction. After walking awhile we neared the bend in the road where I had seen the creature that night. As fate would have it a noise that sounded like the movement of bushes came from the woods in front of us! Bob and I stopped dead in our tracks to listen for it again. We shined our lights around in the woods to look for any sight of the beast, but saw nothing. I held the shotgun in my arms ready to shoot it at any time just in case I needed to. I was shaking in fright from the noise I heard in the woods! Bob told me he was afraid too and suggested we walk closer to the road. From the road we would have a better view of our surroundings and nothing could sneak upon us. I kept my flash light shining toward the woods to watch for any movement. Surely this creature was not related to Big Foot I thought but, it was possible. At the big bend in the old road we stopped to check for any signs of the creature . I thought it would have been nice if we had brought some Raccoon dogs with us, but hind sight is 20/20. Suddenly! the sound of branches moving and a growling noise came from behind us in the woods. I immediately! turned around and shined the flash light toward the direction of the noise I was trembling from fright! I almost dropped the shotgun, but I saw nothing in the dense woods.

It was after midnight now so I turned to Bob and suggested that we call it a night. We could always return another night and perhaps bring some hunting dogs with us. Just as Bob was getting ready to speak the creature made itself known to us with a growling noise. We quickly used our lights to search around the wooded area. There! about 200ft to our front I caught a glimpse of the beast. It was black and very hairy and seemed to be about 4 to 5ft tall! Bob saw the wild animal too he was so frightened from seeing this beast he yelled out in a panic state.

After catching my composure I thought this wild animal seemed to resemble a black bear. A bear would certainly fit the profile of this animal. Could it be a black bear was behind the legend that hunters had spoke of for so long? The more I thought it became more clear that it was a black bear that I had seen and heard that dark rainy night I twisted my ankle. I knew as a rule black bears were not man eaters without being provoked. I asked Bob if he thought it was a black bear that we had seen he agreed.

Bob and I walked to my house he asked if he could stay overnight. I had a twin bunk bed in my room after we had laid down for the night we talked more about the black bear. I thought why would this black bear suddenly make his presence known to us. I had walked that old farm road many times before at night without any problems. Then I asked Bob if he remembered the cave we had discovered years ago as young boys. Bob said he remembered and before I could say it myself he said the bear could be living in the cave. I knew we had to go to the cave tomorrow to find out one way or the other.

The next morning we got up late around 10am. The curiosity in me was building up about the old cave and the black bear. After grabbing a bite to eat and drink we took off with the shotgun. After we had walked near the caves location we were very quiet approaching it. The cave led back into a hill with a creek flowing below it. As we approach from the opposite hill the cave itself was barely visible through the dense woods. Then! we heard a noise coming from the cave, but it did not sound like the big black bear we had seen. Suddenly! I caught a glimpse of what looked like a baby bear could it be the big black bear had an off spring in the cave? This would explain why the black bear had made its presence known to me to protect her cub. I said to Bob let's get out of here before she sees us. Slowly and quietly we moved away from the cave to safer ground.

Once we had walked up to the old farm road I told Bob the best thing we could do was stay away from that part of the woods. There was no doubt in my mind that Mama bear would do anything to protect her baby. I told Bob we should stop using the farm road shortcut between our houses for awhile he agreed. Once the baby had grown older she would not be so protective.

I turned 18 the following month and Dad bought me an old car to drive. Therefore I had no reason to walk the shortcut again down the old farm road. But, I will never forget my experience that dark rainy night in the dense woods of South Carolina.


I am sorry for taking so long to finish this story. If any members were disappointed I hope you enjoyed the ending. THANK YOU

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