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W.Com deserves to be on the "Best" list.
Writing.Com Is the Best
by Vivian Gilbert Zabel

          Writing is important to many people, whether they be of professional quality or not. Most want and need a site where they can get feedback, read, and improve their work. One of the best, if not the best, writing sites does not appear on the list of the best according to Writers’ Digest. Where is Writing.Com?

          I examined the list from top to bottom and decided to investigate a random number of them and compare those with Writing.Com. Perhaps I would learn that my favorite site wasn’t the best. My findings, though, showed that they are.

          Other sites are not as sophisticated as Writing.Com, which gives more selections to meet the needs of the members.

          W.Com has more options at each level than the visited sites, which often had just one choice of the type of membership.

          Although most sites have “free memberships,” most were a trial membership, open for a short time only. W.Com has a free membership that can last forever if the person desires. Of course, it has a limited number of items a person can post, but a limited number is better than none.

          Once a person becomes a member, he doesn’t have to pay for anything if he prefers not to do so. On other sites, in order to give items a chance to be reviewed, the member must pay for the “honor.” On W.Com, people are always ready to review and to give helpful suggestions. The site has a number of locations where items may be listed for reviewing.

          Some sites have a complicated method of returning to items or to find members. Writing.Com has several ways of noting authors, items, contests, etc. to which one wants to return. Sophisticated and useable.

          Writing.Com’s staff is ethical and responsible. Many sites just “lump” all written items together. Titles and handles used by the writers are allowed to be vulgar, suggestive, and questionable for younger people to read. There is no rating system for material. Writing.Com protects younger members. Children of all ages can access the site and read anything open to them. Controls protect children from being able to access material rated above what they are allowed to read.

          I not only visited other sites, but I became a member of some so that I could compare the sites thoroughly. After over a month of comparing, I know that Writing.Com offers more for the writer and for the reader. I still can’t believe you left this site off your list. Shame on you.

Vivian Gilbert Zabel
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