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Jo continues to battle for the darkness - but will she go as far as to kill Harry potter?
After a two hour-long diner that consisted of 7 courses, the table was cleared away and the real party began. The air was hot from the mass of people and thick with smoke. A small band in the corner played loud, hard, grinding music that torn at her ears and felt like sand being rubbed along her skin. But it was strangely addictive and all she could seem to do was listen. The mixture of the music and atmosphere made her forget herself and she did something that she rarely did – try to dance.

She was a bit tipsy so walking straight was a challenge, but because she was tipsy, she didn’t care. Out of habit, she went looking for the Malfoys. The two Malfoy men were standing together, discussing something, but the quieted when she neared (Narcissa was off a ways, gossiping with a few friends). "Anyone care to dance?" she asked. "Sure!" said Draco enthusiastically. "The question wasn’t directed to you" she told him, but she decided to dance with him anyways – it was Christmas.
Draco was (surprisingly) a graceful dance partner and she couldn’t even hear his feet touch the floor (not like she could hear anything other than the music anyways). They danced together for two dances and then she broke off to find Lucius. She was thoroughly disappointed when she found him next to Narcissa, drinking Champaign. 'Screw them being married and this power thing' she thought. 'I wanna have some fun'.

She snapped her fingers and all of a sudden she was back in her room – new clothing was necessary. She rummaged through her wardrobe until she found one of the most provocative things she owned – a short, black snakeskin strapless dress. Within three minutes she was back downstairs, redressed. Dracos eyes widened and he nearly dropped the glass of eggnog in his hand. She rolled her eyes – "I am not dressing up for you" she growled. She walked past them and winked at the shocked Lucius. She then went to a quiet corner to wait.

A minute later Lucius came to her. "If you are the cause of a divorce between my wife and I, I will personally make sure you go to hell." "But, of course, you're already going there for giving in to a mere teen-ager, so you'll be able to show me the way." "Of course."

He pulled her into an embrace and she shut her eyes – but not before seeing a white-blonde head coming towards her. Her eyes snapped open. Narcissa. "Lucius, move, your wife is coming," she whispered urgently into his ear. He didn’t respond. "Lucius!" came the shrill voice of Narcissa, "what on earth are you doing?!" His head snapped around and he faced his furious wife. "Err…too much wine, I think," he said attempting to look drunk. She tried to look frightened, as if Lucius had been a drunken rapist.
"Thank you so much Narcissa – he was scaring me so much!" She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, pretending exhaustion and fright. "Get up, Lucius. Both of your non-existent acting skills are embarrassing me," she snapped at them. "And you" Narcissa said turning on her. Pure hatred flickered through her eyes and she found herself rather wishing she hadn’t wanted fun. "If there was ever a…fling between you, it stops now" she growled in an almost inaudible voice.
Lucius was led away by his furious wife and she found herself wishing she could go and kill Harry Potter immediately so Narcissa could forever be out of her life. Then the thought surfaced – why couldn’t she go and kill him? True, Lucius wanted to kill him…but was it necessary? She was a strong witch and she could probably kill him. There was only one problem…she didn’t know where Harry was in Hogwarts, or how to get around the school. She looked around the room and her eyes reluctantly settled on Draco.

"If someone hears us and I get chucked outta school, I will have to hurt you" threatened Draco. "Well, if you just keep your mouth shut, no one will hear us. All you have to do is get me into his dorm and back." "Easier said then done" he muttered. "Are you really willing to just randomly wander into Hogwarts at midnight and kill a sleeping boy, just so you don’t have to deal with my mother?" Without hesitation she said "yes".

A few minutes later they were waiting at the edge of the forbidden forest waiting for two thestrals to come. When they came she sprang up on one, more than eager to get going. Draco was slower to clamber onto his because he couldn't see it. He looked down rather nervously at the invisible horse that he was sitting on and he leaned forward and held onto its neck. "Why can't we just take broo-" his last word was cut off as they leapt into the sky.

A few minutes later they landed in Hogsmeade, in an alleyway. "Why the hell are we here?" asked Draco. "Hello, aren’t we going to Hogwarts?" "Yes, were going to Hogwarts…but I personally don’t want to just walk in the front entrance." She led the way through the streets and stopped outside of Honeydukes sweet shop. By now Draco was thoroughly confused and was wonder what the hell candy had to do with Potter and Hogwarts. She opened the door and slipped inside and found the entrance to the cellar. "What the fu-" "shut up" she growled.
She clamped her hand over his mouth and they made their way down the steps. Once at the bottom she started to knock on the floor. After a few minutes she found the panel she was looking for and she pushed aside a slab of stone. "Draco, how is it possible that I know all of the secret entrances into Hogwarts and you don't?" Because I don't need to sneak around like other people."

She lowered herself through the hole and after Draco came down too she covered it up again and they started to run. Before long they were panting and dripping with sweat. "Almost there…. I think" panted Jo. Draco didn't even bother to respond – he was gasping for breath too heavily to be able to speak. At long l;ast the tunnel started to rise upwards – first at a gradual slant and then steeper and steeper until the were climbing on all fours. Their arrival was announced by a loud thump as Jo's head made contact with the floor of Hogwarts. She had to clamp her mouth shut in order to not wake up the entire castle with her curses.

She pushed the trap door open and stepped into Hogwarts. After Draco clambered up she eased the door shut and started down the hall. "Jo! We go right – not left!" "No… My wand is pointing to Harry potter – and that means left." She turned on her heel and started to walk off. "Yes…but Slytherin is right and that means we can use my invisibility cloak – unless of course you want to walk around Hogwarts, get caught and then sent to Azkaban." "Oh, well, in that case lead the way." They started to jog and their steps led them into the dungeons. She could feel their descent – the temperature got steadily cooler and the halls got narrower, darker and more oppressive. "No wonder Slytherins are always dark wizards and witches… how can't you be if you live here?" Se mused as they passed a ghost with a bloodstained cloak on.

They stopped in front of a high stone wall and as Draco whispered "Mud-Blood" they entered the common room. There was a small green fire burning in an enormous hearth and chairs (mostly green, black and silver) were scattered around the room. She sat on a couch while Draco dashed up to his room to get his cloak. After five minutes of sitting alone she decided to look for him. Why should it take more then two minutes to grab something? She went up the stairs and turned into his bedroom expecting to see him either digging around for his cloak or dead. However she didn't expect for him to be sitting on his bed with his cloak on his lap. "Draco! What the hell are you doing?" she shouted. "I have a boy to kill and you're just sitting here wasting time!" She grabbed him by his shirt collar pulled him up and grabbed the cloak.

Once they were out of the common room they put the cloak on (which was difficult because there were two of them) and started down the hall.

Dracos POV

He hadn't been wasting time at all – in fact he had been doing something very important. He had sent his owl to Potters room, hoping that it would wake him up (and consequently save him from death). Now Draco had to hope that Potter could read his scribbled note that read: Someone's coming – wake up.
They made their way towards the Gryffindor common room as slowly as Draco could manage it – he took as many 'shortcuts', detours and alternate routes as he could. But eventually they came to the portrait of the Fat lady – the portrait that Harry potter was behind.

"Password?" mumbled the painting sleepily. "Draco? You know the password, right?" she said, elbowing him. "Err… No, not exactly…" She cursed. "Stay" she ordered, and she stepped from under the cloak. She transfigured her shoe to look like a fire bolt broomstick and she went up the picture. "Password?" Said the fat lady again. "Ma'am please would you let me enter? This Broomstick is Harry's and I just found it on the quidditch field – I daresay he wants it back." she said trying to make her voice as smooth and kind as possible. "If you would just let me enter for a moment to return it-" "No password, no entrance." Said the painting. "Alright… I suppose that you want the truth, correct?" The fat lady seemed gossipy – maybe this would work.

"Yes" she replied. "Well, Harry and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend for almst a year now and he was supposed to meet me at the lake at midnight… and he didn't come. I'm worried and angry and… Maybe he's going to break up with me!" She burst into fake tears. She 'cried' harder and harder and louder and louder until the fat lady couldn't bear it anymore. "Go in – but be quick!" The portrait swung open and Jo stepped in side, but before Draco could get in after her it slammed shut.

Harrys POV

He just couldn't sleep. Her face seemed to be permanently stuck in front of his eyes and the short clip of her kept replaying in his mind. She seemed to be completely flawless and perfect. He was in love. He thought that he had finally fallen asleep when he saw her walk through the door but he pinched himself and it hurt – this was no dream.

Jo's POV

There he was. Sitting there and all ready to die. She was going to kill him like she had killed every other man – kiss him, get his guard down and then croon the killing curse into ear.


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