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A poem dedicated to women of the Red Hat Society.

We have all heard the poem,
When I get to be an old lady, I want to
wear a purple dress and a red hat,
I will wear the red hat and dance around my home
and put a red hat on my cat.

I will join The Red Hat Society,
I will refuse to get old,
I still wanna be me!
Long may my story be told!

I will hang out with countesses, princesses and queens.
We can have so much fun shopping.
I will wear my red hat and shop like a teen!
I will be old but I will still be hopping!

My red hat friends and I will be scrap booking,
I'll still be writing, it's my passion after all!
I'll have a maid to do my cooking,
I'll have on my purple dress and red hat-
I will feel like Cinderella at the Ball!

Let's put on our red hats and go paint the town!
Give your friends a hug and take them to lunch.
We may get older but we can't let it keep us down!
Were The Red Hat Society and we can handle life's punches!

This is our red hat life!
We have found our place!
No more problems and strife!
We have reached our golden years and can live life at our own pace!

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