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A maiden with a temper meets a pacifist dragon
Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Ire there lived a beautiful maiden most dire. She had long golden tresses with sapphire eyes and a smile that could dazzle and delight. The maiden was truly a beautiful sight.

But the maiden named Dawn had a temper hotter then fire. And no one wished to see her ire. Her anger would flare without care of any trouble she may bear.

On the other side of the Kingdom of Ire lived a dragon with no fire. Inferno the dragon was kind and of fighting he had no mind. Even the other dragon’s mocking he did not find shocking. One day as a joke the other dragons told a bloke that Inferno needed a maiden fair with golden hair so his fire wouldn’t flare.

The chap told a guy who told a chum who told the king who became glum. His council had a conference to discuss the quandary while Inferno was at home doing his laundry, which wasn’t much, as he didn’t own clothes as such.

The council decided the King should send out his guard to search very hard for a maiden fair with golden hair. The guards searched the kingdom far and wide then side to side collecting for the King all the fair maidens they could bring.

The king arrived and forward did stride. He examined each maiden fair with the utmost of care trying to choose which maiden must loose. When out of the blue Dawn’s temper did stew and in what a rage she flew. She stomped her foot and shook her fist demanding to know the meaning of this.

The king stopped his inspection looking at Dawn in reflection. What a bad tempered maiden was she? Who better for a dragon of fire then this maiden so dire?

Across the kingdom they did tread onward with dread to the dragon’s lair where they did stop and stare. For there Inferno sat wearing a hat and singing to bells ringing.

Inferno stopped his song when he saw the throng. He said hello and offered the people Jell-O. Most said no and proceeded to go.

Dawn stomped up to the dragon her eyes blue flames as she spit out mean names. Inferno blinked twice then smiled at her nice. He questioned, “Hello my dear, why are you here?”

“It should be obviously clear why I’m here,” Dawn spat at where the dragon’s sat.

He sat the hat down with a frown, “Do tell, is this some mischief I smell? I don’t want to fight, I think fighting is not right.”

Dawn stared back at the dragon so beautiful and long. Looking at him she felt like breaking into song. She said instead, “I am to be your dinner because of the kingdom’s lottery I was winner!"

Inferno was shaken the maiden must be mistaken. He stared into the maiden’s eyes and asked, “Who would tell you such lies?”

Dawn stated, her anger now abated, “ It was the king. He heard it from a chum who heard it from a guy who heard it from a chap at least that was the flap.”

Inferno avowed, “Oh maiden dear it is quite clear that you are full of fire and that I most admire.

Though she knew it wasn’t wise Dawn felt her temperature rise, “What kind of dragon are you? I don’t think you speak true.”

Your fire I truly admire. Please stay with me and be free.’

Dawn said “But I am a maiden and look at you. How could our love be true?”

Inferno smiled brightly and said ever so lightly, “ Because I am a dragon you see and anything is possible for me. All you have to do is make a wish and seal it with a kiss.”

Dawn blushed slightly clutching Inferno’s paw tightly, “I wish to stay with you, it’s true,” she said leaning in to give him a kiss.

The world twirled and swirled for Dawn as a dragon she became to match her name.

Together they flew off to explore things new.
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