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This is a piece that was suspended for being OT (Off Topic) I'll try to duplicate it..
As stated in the description, I had to try and write this one over again. I was suspended for being myself.*Pthb* Since I write on inspiration, this might be a bit difficult to accomplish. Requests for the article in question to be returned have so far been ignored.*Confused*

Yes, I am a Christian. Even so, there are times when I feel that some things should be addressed. So here goes...

You ever notice that in some churches there is always something going on that requires its members to contribute certain sums of money for various occasions?

I have been present in some congregations(not all) where this has been the norm. Oh, you know when the church has its sanctioned Mens' Day, Womens' Day, Senior Choir Day, Mass Choir Day, Pastor's Anniversary, Pastor Appreciation,...(This list goes on and on..really)

Members are often asked to contribute upwards of (any this was about ten years ago) $150.00 dollars for each man, $100.00 for each woman, and $10.00-$25.00 for each child. This would happen numerous times throughout the year. How about this occurring nearly EVERY Sunday?

Then there are the church barbecues where every member donates ribs, chicken, bread, sauce, effort, etc. Oh! and let's not forget the rummage sales, and the sales of Sunday dinners.(This is in addition to the barbecue dinners.) The members contribute all food, items, time, organization, and effort.

Did I forget to mention raffles? Yes, well, I think that covers everything. Not that there's anything wrong with that.*Smile*

I have seen some of these same preachers become livid when a member(Yes, member) comes to the church and asks for money to help pay bills or buy groceries (wonder where all of their grocery money went?)*Confused* due to problems.

These problems can range from unemployment, laid off, single motherhood,(especially single motherhood) etc. This list also goes on and on... really.

"The church is not a charitable organization," one preacher intoned to his congregation during service, "That's what the United Way and Red Cross is for!"*Shock*

I know that funds are limited and that many great institutions stretch their budget to the limit helping people who are NOT even members. *Heart*

I have issues with ANY institution that takes so much and in return, gives so little. Church or no, predatory behavior is predatory behavior.

The church where I currently attend has one of the best plans that I know of for helping people.
I'm not saying give liberally to anyone who comes to you for help. You do have to be wise and discreet, especially these days. I'm just saying that when you know people and their various situations you should be fair.

The doors of the church are open...Will you come? Or more than that, Will you stay*Question*

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