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Top ten reasons...
The top ten reasons you know you're in chronic pain:

10. You’re on a first name basis with your doctor and his nurse.

9. You can recite the side effects of most common pain killers by heart.

8. You have your physical therapist's phone number on speed dial.

7. You’re such good friends with the MRI staff that you schedule your MRIs for the last appointment so you guys can all go out for drinks afterwards.

6. You’ve learned how to read an X-ray.

5. You can hear your teenagers arguing in the next room and then one of them says, “Shhhh keep it down, Mom’s having an 8 day.” (referring to the Pain Scale).

4. Speaking of the Pain Scale, you’ve actually slapped a nurse for asking, “Describe your pain on a scale from 1 – 10.”

3. The pharmacist calls you for questions about muscle relaxers and pain meds.

2. You’ve thrown rocks at the bedroom window of your on-call physician because he insinuated your pain was all in your head.

And the number one reason you know you’re in chronic pain…You’ve enrolled in online telekinesis classes.

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