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An special orc's view on life
Orc Story

         Creeping through the woods from tree, to rock, to tree Eqore, the orc scout, moved very nimbly for his grotesque shape. His Captain sent Eqore, to find the Horsemen they had been tracking for two days. He was to find the Horsemen’s camp in the wooded valley, then return to the orc camp and report their position, but Eqore had something else in mind.
         Since Eqore’s youth, he always had a sensitive mind for an orc. He actually was able to find things to be beautiful, and even deep down in his orc heart had the ability to love. Because of this, Eqore had a love for life and fellow being like no other orc. Through years of fighting against mankind Eqore found a profound love for his enemy. He loved the way the respected each other, their valor in battle, the carefree way they relaxed, laughed, and shared brotherhood when not in combat. As a scout, Eqore had spent years watching and secretly loving his enemy from his hiding spot in the shadows.
         This night Eqore decided to contact the Horsemen. He wanted to make his different way of thinking known and be accepted to their brotherhood. He also planned on telling the Horsemen the location of the orc camp and hopefully assist them in an attack of their own.
         Sneaking around the camp’s perimeter, hidden in the shadows, Eqore looked on the campfire wishing he could sit in the circle surrounding it. He wanted to laugh, and share in the brotherhood, but even though the Horsemen were laughing and merry he still had doubts in his mind.

         “Will they accept me? I know that I look nothing like them. They are beautiful, I am ugly. Their voices are like wind blowing through the trees, mine is like rocks tumbling down a mountain side.” Eqore thought. “Will they respect me like they do each other, or will the shun me for being so different?”

         Sliding past another sentry, Eqore was searching for the right time to make his appearance. Eqore was deep in thought, “How should I approach them? Maybe I should just forget the whole idea.”

         Hiding in the shadow of a tree, Eqore was dragged from his thoughts by one of the Horsemen’s war dogs barking in his direction. Noticing that the Horsemen were alerted to his presence he started to panic.

         “I should run. No, this in my chance! What if I have to fight for my life?” A hundred thoughts raced through Eqore’s mind

         As the Horsemen fanned out in preparation for an attack, Eqore made his decision. Silently sliding his short sword from its scabbard Eqore set in down in the shadow of the tree and stepped into the campfire light.

         “I am Eqore! You are not my enemy!” Eqore’s rough almost unintelligible voice was suddenly cut off as an arrow thudded into his chest.

         Looking down at the arrow in his chest he was stunned and shocked that his planned was turning out this way. “How could they do such a thing?” Eqore thought. Thump, Thump, two more arrows struck home, as Eqore stood there dumbfounded.
         Encircling Eqore the Horsemen started joking and laughing about how stupid this orc must be, coming into their camp unarmed, yelling something they couldn’t understand. Pushing closer to Eqore one of the Horsemen used his lance and struck the final blow to Eqore’s spine.
         Eqore fell forward and rolled onto his back. Looking towards the night sky he saw the Horsemen encircling him looking down at his body. As life drained from him, the faces of the people he loved were etched into his mind and he heard the laughter, he so dearly loved, floating to his ears as he slipped out of the world.

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