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by Lexi
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Love subsides when pain settles in.
Don't forget the way I smiled
when you kissed my neck.
Don't forget the way my hand
brushed against your chest
everytime we'd lie in bed
waiting for sunrise.
Don't forget how many times
my heart raced
with just the sight of you.
Don't forget the laughter
we shared in our endless nights.

I won't forget how you
were the first to say I love you
underneath the Christmas lights.
I won't forget the roses
you left on my table
for my birthday.
I won't forget our first kiss
when the stars and full moon
shined upon your unforgettable face.
I won't forget our first fight,
or the reconciliation
that lasted for hours.

I won't forget how you broke my heart
when you left me for another.
I won't forget the tears I cried,
praying you'd come running back
into my lonely arms
so I could feel whole again.
I won't forget the day
when you couldn't tell me
that you loved me.
I won't forget the times
when my decisions had to be based
on making your life less complicated,
just so you would love me again.
I won't forget how often you left me
without giving me any reasons.
I won't forget how my heavy heart felt
everytime the phone rang and it wasn't you.

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