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Unkind words hurt no matter how old we are. These words can affect our developement.
Unkind Words
E C Wesch

A single whisper once I heard
it lingers on my mind.
Forever in that moment
those words were so unkind.

I was young and took it hard
I let it eat away,
at the memories of the good times
we had just yesterday.

Such painful words I can't forget
and remember still today,
the unkind words you whispered,
that turned my sunshine gray.

Would you so easily have whispered,
such mean and spiteful words,
if you knew how much it hurt me
and that I over heard.

Our friendship meant so much to me
which you just tossed aside.
My tortured heart is split in two
and you're the reason why.

I'm older now, yet still I feel
the anger in my heart.
I try not to ponder on it
but the pain in me won't part.

Just these few words to hear from you
would put my mind at ease.
"I'm sorry for the words I said,
accept my apology....PLEASE."
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