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Talk To The Hands; Anthony's Days Shopping With Mom and Dad
"Good morning, Lee," said Sharon.

"Good morning honey," Lee replied. Lee rose from his bed and headed over to Anthony's bedroom. He peeked his head through Anthony's door to wake him. "Time to get up, Antman!" exclaimed Anthony's father. "Don't you hear your alarm clock, son? Please, turn that thing off!"

Anthony sat up to face his alarm clock, raised both hands in front of his face, and began talking to his hands. "How are you doing my friends?"

He opened and closed his left hand as if it were speaking to him, "I'm doing fine."

Anthony looked at his right hand and asked, "and how about you, my friend?"

He pretended that his right hand answered back with, "I have told you a million times before, just mind your business!"

His right hand always seemed to have an attitude.

"Maybe you should stop the alarm clock from ringing before your parents notice..." but before Lefty could finish his sentence, in came Anthony's mother. Sharon stared at the ringing alarm clock, and then stared at Anthony. Righty quickly snapped the alarm button off. His quick action caused her to reverse, and head back to her own bedroom, and dress.

Righty slowly turned to face Anthony and asked, "yo man, why didn't you use Lefty to turn off the alarm clock? Now I have a splitting hand ache."

"Antman," a name given to Anthony by his father," time to wash up and eat breakfast."

"Hurry up, floss those teeth, and brush," Sharon said.

"We're going to the mall today," announced Anthony's dad.

With excitement in his voice, Anthony yelled. "Yay!"

Anthony and his father often went to the mall, without Sharon, just to sight see. "We're going to help your mommy pick out some new clothes and--"

Before Lee could finish his sentence, Anthony let out a sighful, "Aaw man."

Anthony raised both hands to eye level. It was time to discuss this situation with Lefty and Righty. "Lefty, how do you feel about shopping with my mom?"

"Your mother will look cool wearing the latest fashions," Lefty said. "Well, what do you think, Righty?"

"Is there a rock somewhere around here that we can hide under?" Righty asked sarcastically.

"That's not nice, Righty," Lee said. "You'll be coming along with us since of course Anthony is my son and you are, by chance, attached to his arm."

Lee managed to keep a straight face. He did think that Anthony's friendship with his hands was funny. Righty faced Lee, and then slowly turned towards Anthony, as if the little hand had real eyes to roll.

"Alright, Antman, go and clean up, then get to the table so that you can eat," Lee said.

"Okay, daddy,I'll be there in a couple minutes," Anthony said. He headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth. He decided to do the breath test into his right hand.

"Don't even think about it!" Righty said. "I don't do morning breath."

"I don't mind," Lefty said, "I don't have a nose, so you can use me for the breath test."

Anthony huffed and puffed out a breath of air into Lefty's open palm, which rebounded to Anthony's nose. That made his little eyes tear. The tears were not exactly tears of joy. It was a sign for him to brush those teeth and to gargle.

After Anthony finished brushing his teeth and gargling, Lefty was once again raised to Anthony's mouth. "Okay, huff and puff away."

Anthony gave a long blow into Lefty's little palm, and pretended that the little hand smiled at the fact that minty fresh breath was blown into its mitt. "It's time to go to the dining room table to get some breakfast!" he exclaimed to both hands, then headed toward the dining room, and took a seat at the table. "Wow, everything looks so delicious!" exclaimed Anthony.

"I love cereal," Lefty said.

"I love toast and jam," Righty said.

"I love chocolate milk," Anthony said.

"I love orange juice," Lefty said.

"I love apple juice," Righty said.

"I love peace and quiet," Lee said.

Both hands and Anthony's little head quickly turned towards Lee and then towards Sharon. The two little hands began to slowly lower to the table and then Anthony let out an, "oops, sorry." With his hands not being used as puppets, he began eating his morning meal. Sharon and Lee looked towards each other with slight smiles on their faces and then shook their heads in disbelief at the same time.

After breakfast was over, Anthony began his chore of placing dirty dishes into the dishwasher as Sharon would rinse them off. They were tag-teaming the dishes quite well. For the first few moments, Anthony loaded pots, pans, plates and utensils. Now it was time to load the glassware.

"Very good, mommy is so proud of you! Now, here are the glasses. Be careful with these..."

"Cling, cling, cling, crack, smash!" Just that fast, Anthony dropped the first glass handed over to him. Anthony immediately winced and let out an, "oh, oh. I'm sorry momma, it was an accident!" He quickly reached down to pick up the broken glass before Sharon could warn him not to. "Ouch, the glass cut me!" Tears welled up in his eyes as he assumed that his mother would scold him for dropping the glass after she cautioned him not to drop it.

Sharon quickly lead Anthony to the bathroom in order to clean out his cut and to place a band-aid on it. After applying the band-aid, she hugged him and told him that everything would be fine. "Go ahead to the car with your daddy and I'll catch up with you guys after I clean up the mess in the kitchen." Lee and Anthony headed out to the car. Lee opened the right rear passenger side door for Anthony. Anthony got into the car and buckled himself in. Afterwards, Lee double checked Anthony's seat belt harness and then proceeded to the driver's side of the car and let himself in.

"Are you okay, Antman?" Lee asked.

"Yes, I'll be alright, I just cut my right thumb a little," Anthony said.

"I cut myself like that once so don't feel bad. I was washing dishes for my mother when I was little and dropped a cup just as you did today. I tried to pick up the pieces, but I didn't know how to correctly use a broom and dust pan, so I used my hands instead. Boom! I got cut!" Lee exclaimed.

"Did you cry like me, daddy?" Anthony asked.

"Yes I did. But I felt better after I was treated to some ice cream by my dad," Lee said.

"You mean my Grandpa?" Anthony asked.

"Yes, your Grandpa. He made me forget all about the cut on my finger," Lee answered.

"Will I get some ice cream today, dad?" Anthony asked.

"I think I can arrange that for you, son." Lee answered.

"Yippee! Thanks, dad!" Anthony yelled with excitement.

"You're welcome, son." Lee said.

"I can't wait to get to the mall, dad!" Anthony said with excitement.

Sharon jumped into the front passengers seat and gave Lee a kiss on his right cheek. "Okay fellas, let's go catch some sales!"

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