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A Soliloquy of love.
There you are, beauty in the night. I turn my head to see your face in the light I’ve seen all the days of my life. Only now it’s something different. Your hair glistens like a peacock’s feather fluttering in sight. Sweet lips which cherries could only aspire to be so red, and your complexion, as an angel, so fair and free. Suitably placed, a graceful yet slender face attracting a kiss at its very sight and makes my legs unstable. How could I have been exposed to such splendor?

We have been in a routine so long and open. Kissing you every morning and reading the paper aloud as you prepared breakfast. Laughing at the foolhardy surprises and your giggles in my ear. You always made me blush, sweetheart. When finished, it was routine for you to come and sit upon my lap. We would love with a kiss and snuggle before the rays of sunlight, giving your blue eyes a dash of turquoise. Our feelings not pronounced as much as felt between the embrace of the other. Then we would ready ourselves for the various chores around the special home which speaks only to us and our kin in the memories we hold dear. I always poked fun of your garden you worked so hard to upkeep. And you would shoot back a stout glare, but not long before you giggled again. I look forward to your hand shooing me away as you go to the soil and play.

You often caught me napping and swatted me with quick reflexes to wake my loathsome self up. I never knew what made you tick. I wish now I knew as I’d have you here with me, if only to have you one more day. You promised I would be the first to go. You all but guaranteed it from the articles we read. You were old yes, but it’s not supposed to happen like this. I can barely breathe without you, and they want me on oxygen only to prolong my agony in my life, which is incomplete.

If they won’t let me go now to only share in your tomb, for I would willingly leap from a cliff to fall into your warmth again, I will cry until the day I can. Your flowers already know of your absence. They wilt as do I with my feeble attempts to keep us both alive. I need you. I miss you. I love you. I embrace you in my heart, for I can’t keep my love, wife, life…

Goodnight forever.
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