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Experimental story poem. Things sometimes happen for a reason.
Dragonfly Effect

A dragonfly flew
past a windshield one day.
Its beauty distracting -
its own special way.

The driver, when seeing
wings fragile and gold,
followed its form
and lost sight of the road.

Just a few seconds,
that’s all that transpired
but it still brought on panic
and screaming of tires.

The harsh sound of auto
against concrete wall,
the shrieking of brakes,
woosh of airbags, and all.

On the way to a lunch date,
now finds her head bleeding.
With no clue that her husband
was thinking of leaving.

He’d called her to meet him.
That’s where she was driving.
While he waits there he worries –
of yelling and crying.

Paths are diverted.
There are changes in things.
Because of a small pair
of dragonfly wings.

Jason, the man in the car
just behind,
stops traveling to ask
if the lady is fine.

He also had lunch plans,
and now he’ll be late.
He called 911,
with the lady, he’ll wait.

He makes one more phone call
But can’t reach his boss.
He fears this promotion
is one that is lost.

The medics they come
whisk the lady away.
And Jason continues
along with his day.

Having missed lunch,
Jason’s stomach is grumbling.
The store on the corner has snacks,
and it’s calling.

Buys his snacks, something extra -
something he’s never done.
It cost just one dollar,
he bought it for fun.

Things will be different.
There’s no sense in trying
to understand change
caused by dragonflies flying.

Now at the hospital,
husband and wife.
He realizes mistakes
that he’s made in his life.

Seeing her damaged
and fragile that way.
He knew that he wanted
her with him each day.

Bathed in relief when
he hears she’ll be fine.
Heart, mind, body and soul knows,
“She’ll always be mine.”

Jason checks digits
He just can’t believe it.
That other small purchase,
a lottery ticket.

Five little numbers
the luckiest guy.
He was there so bought it,
doesn’t really know why.

Dragonflies pass
and our paths are impeded.
But the changes they bring
might be just what we’ve needed.

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