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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · War · #867444
CivilWar man dies and sees what goes on at plantation while he was away- not finished

Sam- Civil War soldier, 24- Southern

Brian- Captain, Sam's best friend

Mary- Sam's fiance', lives with his mother

Diane- Sam's sister

Francis(Momma)- Sam's mother

Lee- Sam's brother


Sam and Brian decide to fight on the Southern side and leave to go to battle. Mary moves in with Diane, Momma, and Lee because she lost her parents to a fever just after Sam and Brian left. She was engaged to Sam, but didn't get married because they both were afraid that he wouldn't come home, and he didn't want to make her a widow. Mary and Diane are good friends, and Francis is her new adopted mother. Lee can't go to war because he is only remaining man, and he has to inherit the plantation if sam dies.


Battle of Vicksburg- under command of Lt. Gen. John Pemberton, July 2, 1863. Under seige on both sides from Union soldiers.


{Loud sounds of gun-fire and cannons, dirt and mud flying everywhere, Sam reloads his gun, turning to a young boy next to him)

Sam: Boy, how old are you?!?

Boy: Sixteen in two weeks, sir!!

Sam: What's yer name?!?

(Boy fires at Union soldiers, and slumps down again behind the wall, frightened)

Boy: Tom, sir!! I'm from Georgia!!

Sam: Me too! My name's Sam!!

(Tom and Sam shake hands; Sam then returns fire, slumping behind the wall of mud)

Tom: Sir?!? I just wanted to ask you... if I get hit, and you get through this, can you send this off to my folks?!? Their name's are on it!!

(He fingers a bundle of letters in his uniform, tied with a knoted string with a pleading look in his eyes; Sam cautiously looks over the wall, but ducks behind it again, as a bullet whizzes past his ear)

Sam: Yes, I will!! You better reload, Tom!!

Tom: Yes, sir!

(Tom reloads and fires over the wall; someone behind the two guys screams as he is hit in the arm; Tom is visibly shaken)

Sam: Tom, me and you, we'll make it through this, alright?!?

(Tom nods his head, calming down; Sam looks around for Brian, and sees him only about one hundred yards away, firing into the siege of Union soldiers on the other side of the wall; Sam smiles when Brian looks his way, giving a thumbs up signal, Brian turns away, firing; Sam and Tom gather courage and continue to fire, refusing to back down; Loud shouts from the other side, Sam lifts up to see what is going on}

Sam: Oh sh... ah!!

Tom: What?!?

(Sam clutches his chest and grits his teeth. Blood blossoms from a small round hole in his uniform; Tom drops his gun, frightened again, helping Sam lay down in the mud. Sam's breathing is raspy, and quick, his eyes are squinted from pain)

Sam: I... I've been... ah! It hurt's Tom!

Tom: It's gonna be alright! I'll help ya get to the tent! Come on!

(Brian sees Sam clutching his chest and bounds over, kneeling next to him.)

Brian: Sam! Sam! {to Tom}- Help me pick 'um up! Hurry!

(Tom and Brian slowly lift Sam up painfully, grunting with the effort, getting him safley, through gun and cannon fire, to the aid-tent; they lay him on a cot and a surgeon rips open his uniform, flinging buttons on the ground; Sam's eyes are closed, as he gripps Brians hand. Brian looks scared, and Tom is wide eyed and near tears)

Brian: Will he make it? Is it bad?

(Doctor doesn't make eye contact)

Doc: I can't say he will make it through this hour, much less the night...(remorsefull)

(Sam groans, tightning his grip on Brian's hand; Tom stands back as the Doctor studies the wound, wiping away blood. The Doctor shakes his head)

Doctor: I can't remove the bullet. It's too deep. (softly) I'm sorry about your friend, lads, but I suggest you say goodbye. Tell someone when he is gone so they can remove the body to make way for more injured.

(It was brisk and cruel; Brian glares at the doctor as he tends to another yelling patient in a nearby cot; Tom slumps down in a wooden chair as Brian carefully and lovingly pulls the sheet over Sam's heaving chest)

Brian: Come on Sam, you can make it. Just take slow deep breaths, man... (calm, but with worried expression)

(Tom pulls out the bundle of letters, looking at them, scared; Sam pulls Brian closer to his face)

Sam: I... don't want... to die!

Brian: You aren't going ta die! Just keep hangin' in there, Sam. If I know you like I do, Sam, you'll be a stubborn ole mule and be ready ta go tommorrow and kick some Yankee ass...

(Sam groans, but manages to grin, although it is pained)

Sam: Shut... up. Just... tell Mary... Momma... and Lee... that I'm sorry... for leavin'. And... Brian? Thank you.

(Brian squeezes out tears, knowing Sam is almost gone. Tom shoves the letters in his uniform again, putting a comforting hand on Sam's shoulder.)

Brian(choaked up): Wh... What do you mean?

Sam: Thank you... for bein'... my best friend. I love... ya like a... brother.

Brian: An' I you, Sammy.

Sam: Tom? I'm sorry... I wish I could have gotten to know you better. Write to yer folks for... me... okay?

Tom: I swear I will. You can count on it.

(Tom gulps and looks to Brian for guidance, but Brian has his head down, leaning on the side of the bloodsoaked cot)

(Screams and shouts fill the air, along with cheers as someone ran under the entrance flaps into the aid-tent.)

Soldier: Them damn Yankees is goin' back! They is goin' back!

(Gratefull groans fill the tent, as Tom jumps up, shouting)

Tom: Yeah! We got 'em!

(Brian smiles as he turns to Sam)

Brian: Ya' here that Sam? Sam?

(Sam has a smile on his face, but his eyes stare straight at the top of the tent;)

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/867444