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Traitors of a nation, traitors of a world.
I believe in humankind
in Communist doctrine,
but only on paper…

We the people, are distracted.
Julius Rosenberg was on a mission
and Ethel filled the space at his side,
Commie partners in crime,
faces on which to hang fear.
Secrets shared with our Russian ally,
I mean enemy, it gets so Orwellian,
let’s wave the red cape!
Trial twists and traitorous turns
philosophy turned sophomoric
double-speak, legal-speak,
how dangerous can an Ethel be?

Decree: Vaporize them
like Japanese playground children.

Now JR and Harry,
different matters entirely.
The buck stops here:
J. Robert Oppenhiemer
Father of the A-bomb
Rapist father.
Harry S Truman
but why the encore?

Traitors in our midst.
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