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A question I have asked for a very long time. woof
Am I Judas?

I have asked myself
Who have I sold out?
Who is the real betrayer?
Why do I have this role?
Did he want it?
Or was it assigned?
What grief it must have been.
Am I Judas? Oh how I feel for him.
You cried on the tree My god my god
why have you forsaken me?
Did not Judas too?
I cry out the same.
Why have you made me so?
Why am I left all alone?
The battle belongs to You?
Where have you fought for me?
Is this the life assigned to me too?
Twice You have betrayed me.
Twice if I only look without scrutiny.
I wish my Judas was more merciful.
The mercy would of been for this all to End.
What agony Judas must have felt.
What pain it all has caused.
When will my darkness end?
Who is really Judas?
You leave me to think.
You are!

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