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This delves into the darker side of human nature. Not my normal poetry.

Human Nature
E C Wesch

The face of human nature
is reflected in your mirror.
Relentless in its pursuit of what it wants,
not what it needs.
For a moment it's within your grasp,
but it's just beyond your reach.
A callous thought crosses your mind
bringing an intensity
so strong, you cringe in disgust.
It's human nature to strive, to win,
to take what you want.
You condone your wants by saying,
"I need it," in truth, you just want it.

Like the flip side of a coin,
we can spin in a different direction.
We can give forgiveness,
feel love, charity,
and not expect anything in return.
We can have patience,
devotion, honesty.
To give of one's self
is a testament to God's love.
We are the most complex creature
of all His creations.
In fact, human nature
is what makes us what we are...human.
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