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Those behind emotional walls can't always escape
Emotional Panic

I huddle behind this wall and cry.
Behind fear and panic that tightly bind,
Silent tears flow, tears that never die.
No comfort or hope can I find.

I try to reach to touch your hand,
But no matter how hard I try,
My arm is trapped by a band.
“Help me, please,” I sigh.

I attempt to climb the slippery rocks,
To escape this prison of my mind.
My body trembles from the aftershocks
Of failure and pain combined.

What can I do to scale these walls
Built by my desire for protection?
Even when a chance for love calls,
These fears create nothing but rejection.

My heart longs for reality, not fantasy.
I want to grasp life and love to live,
Not continue existing in this lunacy.
I beg, "How much trust will you give?"
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