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by Lane
Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #869855
A war story.
As she sits she slowly unravels the arm of the couch in nervous anticipation. She is awaiting the arrival of her military husband who has been given a 24 hour leave.
After two years of letters and the rare phone call, she does not know what to expect. After all, two years is a long time.
She hears the key sliding into the lock of the door. Her heartbeat quickens and she starts to perspire on the palms of her hands. As the door swings open a flood of inexplicable emotion fills every inch of her body.
There he is. After two years of heartache and tears, he is finally home...for 24 hours.
"Hey there, cutie," he says to her in a friendly, informal way.
"Hi," she replies, still unsure of what to say or what to think.
"Well, I sure am hungry. We got anything to eat?"
"Um, of course dear, in the fridge, but arnt you glad to see me?"
"Sure babe, sure, but a mans gotta eat!"
As he left the room to hunt for food, his wife sank down in the worn out couch.
"Things are different now," she thought to herself. "I knew things would be different."
And unfortunately, they were. The more they were apart, the once happy couple had unraveled from themselves. There was an unspoken understanding of the situation between the man and the women. And when he had to leave again, 24 hours later, he planted a kiss on his wifes cheek and left her life once again. As the door closed, she sank down into the couch, filled with anger and sadness, and began unraveling the arm once again.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/869855-Unraveled