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poetry/prose- legends are not made by the mediocre
An apprentice alchemist
longs for wizardry-
to graduate from meek warmed flasks
to the power of the boiling cauldron,
yet he denies himself that dream
because he avoids
the struggle of studying spells.

Doubt dragons threaten to breathe
sulphuric failure and singe
the golden locks and flawless skin
of Lady Reputation.
Thus, the knight avoids opportunity
and leads his stagnant steed
away from the tower of potential.

A giddy baird, drunk
on the laughter of a crowd,
does not see that his lack of
serious composure
will guarantee historical anonymity and
render him nothing more than
a jester with some talent.

On the dawn of an epic battle
a foolish prince, hesitant
to risk his noble blood,
procrastinates his call to charge-
giving time for sentries
to slam down the heavy gate,
thwarting the cavalry of responsibility
from sieging folly's stronghold.

Legends are not made
when would-be heros
choose to chase easy muleish mistakes
instead of conquering a quest
for the glory of a unicorn.
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