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This is an upcoming novel in the WDS outline. WIP. Enjoy.

Working title: Conisha: The Ruby Prophecy

“Type” of novel best suited to this idea:

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In the year 2090AD, a new superpower, Conisha emerges after the great earthquake that killed millions in central Africa in 2080AD. In 2200, a ruthless power-hungry king overthrows the royal family Welshan. All but one member of the family is tortured and killed. The one remaining Welshan must fulfill the prophecy of her great ancestor, for whom the country was named, and take back the throne. She falls in love with the unknowing grandson of the man who had her family killed, and vice versa. The prophecy will lead her to the throne and she must figure out what it all means.

Main Characters (list only up to three major characters)

Character #1—the protagonist (the hero or heroine of this story)

Name: Savannah Conisha Welshan

Primary Goal: to take back the throne for her family and find a family in which she belongs

Most notable personality trait(s): honest, loving, religious, hot-tempered, humble, ambitious

Character #2—the antagonist (the main “opposition” character)

Name: King Manu Logan Canto

Primary Goal: to make the people of Conisha respect his ruling family

Most notable personality trait(s): selfish, broken-hearted, power-hungry, and hot-tempered

Relationship to protagonist: son of the Canto tyrant who killed Savannah’s family; her mother’s former lover, and the one who spared Savannah's life

Character #3—a major supporting character

Name: Prince Alexander Manu Canto

Primary Goal: to find out the entire truth about Savannah and make her his queen

Most notable personality trait(s): naïve, love-struck, gentle, mild-tempered

Relationship to protagonist: Savannah’s love interest

Setting(s) (If your novel has multiple settings, list only the two main ones)

Setting #1:Castles Conisha and Janis Time frame: 2222AD and Savannah’s childhood

Reason for using this setting:

This setting shows the glorious luxury of a family who had helped the entire world, but then became selfish. It’s a grim reminder to Savannah as to what she has lost and what she must take back. She knows every knook and cranny of these castles. Some places in the castles, no one knows of now except for her.

Setting #2: Conisha
Time frame: same as above

Reason for using this setting:

The graveyard where Conisha and Savannah’s whole family is buried gives her strength and courage to take back what is hers when she visits there. The headstone with her name rises above the body of a young girl made to look like her to cover up King Canto’s lies.

The field of flowers and the beach beyond are the quiet places she sacrifices herself to the cruel punishments from the castle guards to visit. She looks back on her childhood and can talk to Alexander without worry of any spies.

What is the main complication of the story (the central problem that must be solved by the main character)?

Savannah must retake the throne to save her people from an unscrupulous king. She is known as a servant to most of the others, but a few know she is the chosen one to bring peace to Conisha once more. She is the mix of all nationalities in one body and is the only one who can bring together many other peoples of the world, including the United States, who fight ethnic group against ethnic group within its borders. She must show the technology and the finances her family has hidden, to the world. She must figure out the steps to take in which to overthrow the King Canto, yet fulfill the prophecy that preaches forgiveness and loving her enemy.

What are the primary obstacles preventing the main character from achieving his or her goal?

Her hatred for the Canto family causes her to lose her patience with her present situation. She needs someone to calm her hot temper and love her for who she is. She must also figure out the prophecy of her ancestor Conisha. Everything is set for her to take the thrown, but she needs to figure out how everything falls into place. She cannot act too soon.

How is the story resolved for the main characters (how does it end)?

Savannah is crowned queen and takes Alexander as her king. King Canto is severely punished for the rape he committed against Savannah earlier. Savannah starts communicating with other nations about race relations, financial burdens, and technological breakthroughs. She reunites her only living father with his family, whom he hadn’t seen since King Canto had taken power.

Take the rest of this page to summarize in present-tense narrative, your story idea.

After the overthrow of the Welshan Empire, the African island-nation of Conisha is no longer the superpower it once was. The year is 2222 and the only member of the Welshan family spared from a tortuous death eighteen years before is now a young slave woman named Savannah.

Savannah falls in love with a mysterious stranger through a dungeon wall. After she is released from the dungeon, she runs into an old acquaintance that realizes who she is. He had been told she was dead, as was everyone else. This boy she knew is now a king with his own people and a beautiful queen. Alexander watches as she dances the king’s national dance with him and then dances the forbidden and current dance of Conisha as King and Queen Canto watch. They had been expecting King Nehri to come and make trade agreements with them. King Nehri is livid, Queen Lata Canto is confused, and King Canto can’t believe Savannah had the nerve to show her face after being locked in the dungeon for two days for a similar incident. Alexander watches her, mesmerized. He is hiding around the corner from where the throne is. He had to keep out of his father’s sight because of his tardiness. He talks with his older wise friend, Gunther, standing next to him. Gunther warns Alexander that the king has forbidden him to even speak to her. Alexander tells of the conversation through the dungeon wall.

Alexander uses his last chance to be a bachelor to call on Savannah. Savannah refuses to go, but Thomas, an African-American servant who has been like a father to her, insists that she go. She meets Alexander and finds out that he is the stranger she had fallen in love with only the day before. She hates his name and hates that he wasn’t completely honest with her. Alexander explains how much he loves her and why he wasn’t honest. He knows she holds secrets also, but he can’t get her to reveal them no matter how much he tries.
The king takes steps to keep them apart without revealing the truth about her to his son. This doesn’t work. The queen figures out who Savannah is, as does Princess Macey, Alexander’s betrothed.

King Canto rapes Savannah, thinking that she would not appeal to Alexander anymore now that he’s had her. He had forgotten what that all who had raped her in the past met with death when they ventured into the neighboring country, where she had been raised.

Savannah runs to her family’s well-hidden communications room and prepares to inform the rest of the world that the time has come for her to retake the throne, and that she’ll need help. She, then, runs back to Alexander, who hasn’t stopped loving her.

Alexander, when he finds out about the history of both families, renounces his name. He takes her to the ball, even after his father strips him of his birthright. Everything that is needed for her to take the throne, Alexander has the key to. Thomas, whom she finds out is one of her real fathers, crowns her queen of Conisha and marries them after being reunited with a family he hasn’t seen for twenty-three years.

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