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Death has come upon us!
The After Life and Then Some

It was late, o yes, very late that night when my solemn, and sacred journey of my passing came to be so, yet my mind did not read the dishearten thoughts of departure and the loss of my own one. My own self, would soon to be the one who would walk the walk and feel the pain and suffering that has been felt by the many others who have walked the Last Mile. Or so they call it, as it apparently, was not the last mile, that had to be walked, that had to be endured. There is yet one more road to be followed, the path between earth and the Heavens which lay yet so far from my shallow reach of hand, it mocks me with such mockery each passing day. As I continue on knowing that its quintessence will never be felt, by my cold dark hands of sadness. Yet, my misfortune is the results of the dark deed I set forth and carried out onto the innocent souls that are now within the placid hills of the Heavens. The land that I shall never inhabit, never less lay eye upon. So I suppose that my prediction of happiness did not come forth into future, it remains in the past, a land far greater then Heaven, as it was the fraction of my life where I myself was once a happy lad, and death did not cross or even spark my mind. Because those who do not fear it, will fear it soon. It is human nature to fear the uncertain and the unseen.
So thus my glorious deed, have evolved into a knotty deed. All I had to do was think, the one think the future will lack indeed.
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