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sometimes death gives more then it takes
"She's gone" was all I heard them say,
That day felt much like any other,
How could I know,
The pain I would uncover.

"She's gone"
But here She lays,
In sheets crisp and white,
While I stare in a daze,
"She's Gone"
"Come back" inside I scream,
Waiting for death's reply,
living in a dream.

"She's Gone"
Leaving memories,
That fill me with a smile,
Friends who without her,
wouldn't be worthwhile.

As I read her letters,
Tears of loving rise,
Thankfull for friendship,
That lives still in my sighs.

"She's Gone" in one sense
But never in another,
Living in my heart,
A joy that's called my mother.
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