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by Bernie
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A recollection of what happened during the Writing.Com Convention 2004.
*Star*Convention 2004 from the Eyes of Bernie*Star*

Geeze, where do I start? So much happened between Thursday and Sunday that I have no idea if I can remember it all. It was so awesome to meet everyone! It was great to ride there and back with Wannabe. To finally meet The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress in person and get to hug them! It was definitely an awesome weekend.

I've only been there once, and already I'm addicted. I can see why people can't go just once. They've got to keep going back and back. Meeting everyone was so great. They're just as awesome as they are online. It's really hard to express the awesomeness of everyone and everything that happened. It's definitely something you have to go and experience for myself. I was so excited this year, because I was finally 18 and I could go. Even though I'd heard what had happened the past two years, I didn't know how this one would go. I didn't know what to expect.

I think I'm just going to list all the things I remember, since I think it'll be more easier and gives away less.

*Bullet* Getting to meet The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress for the first time ever! They're so awesome in person. I wish I could describe how awesome they are.
         Storymaster: "Whoa..."

*Bullet* Finally getting to meet Wenston ! After four years I finally go to talk with her and hang out. She's awesome.

*Bullet* The campfires during the welcoming dinner. That was so hilarious. Nothing like feral chickens that nip at ankles or black and white, rotten sour milk spewing, frogs from South Africa.. or was it South America? ha.

*Bullet* The food was awesome! Tortellini was the best. At least none of us had Styrofoam boxes shoved at as and ordered to take them home! *Laugh*

*Bullet* Being the winner out of Wannabe , Stormy Lady and myself who stayed up 29+ before finally going to bed. I made it 42 and a half hours! *Delight*

*Bullet* Playing Bullshit with The HighRoller , Wannabe , elizm446, and lifewriter!
         HighRoller: "You lie!" "Don't lie!" "Tell the truth!" *Laugh*
         Lifey: "I double dawg dare ya!"
         Wanna and Mia (Everytime I laid down a card): "Bullshit!" Stop picking on me, damnit!

*Bullet* Playing Scrabble with Lifey, Bookworm, and Sarah.
          "Poot Guard" *Laugh*

*Bullet* Getting to meet Pita and Fireant in person and laughing so hard. I got to get two hugs from Pita! *Bigsmile*

*Bullet* Finally getting to meet Bessie in person. I really have to say that I'm shocked to see that our site mascot is such a sleaze. The least she could do was wear panties! tsk tsk tsk.

*Bullet* Getting an award for the "Oldest Attending Member" and getting a hug from The StoryMaster !

*Bullet* Getting to hear Lifey snort when she laughed and nearly dying in laughter myself. Careful! Might make me snort and we definitely don't need that! *Laugh*

*Bullet* Watching The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress dance together for their first dance. It was definitely one of the most romantic things I've seen and it was just so sweet. I think there was barely a dry eye in the whole place.

*Bullet* Watching Diane bid in the Auction and wondering if she'd even be able to afford a box or if she'd have to go live with SM and SMs. *Laugh*

*Bullet* Tigger thinks of Prancer was such a hoot. Stop being such an energy hog! *Pthb*

*Bullet* Listening to The HighRoller and Colin Back on the Ghost Roads read their stories on open mic night. I'm thiefing both of your abilities to read awesome. *Pthb*

*Bullet* Getting to see The Milkman in a pink dress! Pink is so him. Me and Wenny even got to stand next to him. *Delight*

*Bullet* Having "Story time with Bernie" in the 24 hour Lounge and retelling the infamous story of how I'm known as the only one who will mistaken a white garbage bag as a cow. *Laugh*

*Bullet* Passing out lollies! I'll definitely bring some next year too. *Bigsmile*

*Bullet* Having a "biff" war with Greg during formal night and during after hours.

*Bullet* Watching Wannabe and archgargoyle toss glow sticks back and forth on the patio at night. That was awesome.

*Bullet* Never thought I'd be happy to receive a creepy hug! Never thought I'd get so much out of *Cry* ! *Laugh*
         Moo: "I want to enter the heart, mind, and soul of an 18 year old girl" *Laugh*

*Bullet* Becoming a Pookietarian and getting my picture taken with the whole group of 'em!
          I got a glitter pookie!

*Bullet* Wiggling with Diane out on Formal night. That was great.

*Bullet* Getting to *Pthb* Stormy in person! *Bigsmile*

*Bullet* Getting to listen to Winklett do Edith! That was so awesome. She's such a hoot! Also, she does an awesome it. *Delight*

*Bullet* Being glad that my name isn't Bernice Matisse. *Sick* haha Thanks John *Pthb*

*Bullet* Cleavageandcracks.com *Laugh*

*Bullet* Pantyhose, an orange, and kiddy sunglasses.

*Bullet* Knowing why Wannabe is called "The Porn star" Naughty Wanna!

*Bullet* During one of the breakfasts I learn that Diane doesn't do it in a bed. *Laugh*
          "... and then Diane walked into a wall"
          "... and then I cried."

*Bullet* People reading my shirts. *Bigsmile*

*Bullet* The ride to and from Convention with Wannabe . She's so awesome.

A Word With Bernie:

         Those four days that I got to spend with everyone at Convention 2004, was the one of the best times I've ever had. I was so blown away with how awesome, friendly and caring everyone is. After spending only four days with them, I feel like I've known everyone most of my life. I finally get to see the person behind the handle and I got to connect with them on something besides just "Writing.Com". We all came expecting laughter and fun, but I know we all left with a sense of love and friendship.
         You guys are seriously the best people I've ever met and I can't wait to see you all again and spend another four days with you and have more laughs and fun and deepen our friendships. Now I have another reason to add to why I'm glad I joined this site. Besides having great people who can help me with my writing, I've found people who are now the greatest of friends I could've asked for. I never thought I'd be able to find friends as awesome as all of you and I thank you all for that. *Smile*

Three cheers for Writing.Com!
Three cheers for The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress !

Love ya'll!
- Bernie
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