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mans best friend worms a place in the judges hearts too
Born on a cold blustery night in January, the last of three baby schnauzers, Sir Oliver, was a mighty surprise, to for his young master.

Lady Calamine, Callie for short, and Sir Roman the 5th, who was called Romie, were Olivers' proud schnauzer parents. Lady Calamine had exact markings of her son, his father was cleanly silver from whiskers to toes.

Romie, 19 lbs, soaking wet, sunshiny silver, and highly protective in nature; was not keen on strangers, a nipper they would declare. Callie, so gentle taking to mothering quite well, enjoyed passively caring for her pups. It was not unusual- to see her cuddling up to her pups day and night. She would swiftly catch a stray pup- wandering- out of the safe zone. Even on occasion, Callie had stopped the boys from straying out of the yard with her disciplinary growls. Her gentle commands were music to her son, Olivers ears. He was a passionate pup, cuddling up to his parents and siblings.

She had several litters by the time Oliver was born.

Ollie quickly became her favorite. He was tiny as ever. He seemed to be the one always considered the runt. It was customery to keep this one around the house, which might explain the 11 house pets now.
It was a noisy,barky place, indeed. Oliver didn't approve of the noise and as a result became a very quiet canine.

Jonathon, the youngest human boy in the family, was now 6 yrs old. He was a son of a Professional Schnauzer Breeder. This german breed of dog, seemed to take on the appearance of little old whiskered men. Jonathan bragged often to his few school chums of his prize winner dogs at home. They had participated in shows for years long before Jonathan or Oliver were born. In fact there was a show coming up. This was a big family event taking place, as Jonathon, was about to get some new privileges, be allowed to pick a pup and learn to train, like his bigger brother Jason, who was 17.

Jon' would be taught to show the dogs in amature dog competitions and his pup would be cared for by him.
His Mom went over all the responsibility involved and made sure the boy was ready to take this on and stick with it. She was worried about this younger son, as he often seemed to drift off and daydream while in school. His teachers had sent home numerous reports of Jonathon missing assignments and getting less than acceptable results on small quizes. Jonathan was just 7 and it didn't seem so harsh that a boy would stray from the boring tasks at school but it was important for his Mom to keep check of this and add responsibility cautiously.
"This is a 'tall order young man"; his Mom would say, " You will need to bathe, feed,take the pup out early in the morning and several times a day." "I will not tolerate whining, you will do your job with the pup or you will lose your privilages to watch TV and other recreation. And you will also pay more attention in school for me Jonathan. " Ok, Mom, I am ready for this, I am, really, I have a star pup picked out already!"

Jonathon quickly decided on the runt, Oliver. First mission was to show this little guy the rules of the house. Just like his Mom but mocking a more masculine voice like his Dad, Jonathan began to set the plans for Oliver and him to follow.

Oliver listened as Jonathon talked about the things so important for a pup to know. "
"You know, Oliver, it is not ok to piddle anywhere inside the house, and you will go with me, everywhere, be a good dog, be nice to my friends, Ok- Oliver?, Ollie, Yes I think I will call ya, that. Ok, Ollie?" Olivers tail wagged in approval. It was an eventful moment,, as a boy and his first dog began to communicate by body and words. A friendly whisker lift and a wagging stub were good signals of mutual understandings.
Ollie was eager to please Jonathon and both were instintive about the other. They were in synch in so many ways. They hung out together every waking hour and at night the little pup would sneak out of his doggie pen and crawl up in with Jonathon, tucked tightly under the covers. This was not okay but they would hide their actions by sneaking the pup back to the pen before other eyes caught on.
Jonathon's arm would wrap up around the pups neck and tie him close replacing a former brown Teddybear that still flopped over the bedside. Ollie loved to lick Jonathon's ears and lap up his neck making a sloppy mess.

When Jonothan took his bike up the road to a friends house, Ollie would ride along in the basket with him and then later on would romp all around the neighborhood as Jonathon visited.

Ollie loved meeeting people, finding the local butcher, a barber and some other busines owners quite easy to befriend. His jaunts around town would provide him with plenty of fresh water and snacks as he visited. Everyone became fond of this little gray guy on fours.

A new journey of showbiz was about to begin and together many things would be accomplished.
Jonathon had sat in on some shows already learning to take his Mothers que to be quiet and pay close attention to the judges. For a young boy his ability to be so obedient was amazing.
Jonathon was anxious to gain the skills to be a groomer and trainer like his mother. He was eager to win prizes and trophies.

Olivers day was about to begin. The cage he had to be kept in was small and cramped and he felt lost without knowing where Jonathon was at. Lots of people and strange faces passed by, some looking at him and saying cute little things about him. This eased his nervousness but he still wished Jonathan would get there in a hurry.

Finally Jonathon returned. He took Oliver outside for a potty break. He and Oliver went into a practice ring for dogs and they practiced the special stand the dog would have to stay in so patiently. Oliver surely looked like he was smiling as Jonathon pretended to be the Judge. Oliver wished Jonathan was all he had to deal with to win this noisy event. He had had enough already of barking fee fees and growing rottitillers or whatever their masters called them. He had watched numerous breeds pass him by, cousins he thought, different but probably related in some strange way. After all they were all dogs. Olivers thoughts wandered so much that Jonathon had to shake his hand to get his attention."Ollie pay attention this is the last 10 minutes we have together." "Whatt" Oliver gasped in a bark. Did he just say last minutes together? Oh my.

Jonathon heard their number being paged and grabbed Olivers beautiful silver leash with rhinestones lining the sides and sparkling as they entered the ring.

The Judges would get so personal. Touching Ollie in every place, even his most touchy areas, with Ollie remaining as still as Jonathon insisted he be. They would probe-gawk-probe some more, walking around each dog, heads up, heads down, finger to cheek, eyes keen on the subjects. Making each dog remain in place while they poked and lured them with treats and comments.

The bell would ring meaning the judges had to come together and decide their winners. All would sit so still. Not a move was allowed, not even an eye shift.

Ollie stood there shaking inside,wanting as much to be the winner, as Jonathon wanted him to be. He felt his heart skip a beat, as he heard names being called out. Inside this dogs mind, was a human lurking to come out, so human. That was Ollies biggest wish at this moment. To be human and of course be the #1.

"This pup has great form, he is a little big for this age group, but he will probably adjust in time, just growth spurts hopefully." the dark haired judge exclaimed. Then a women judge came back over to review the papers the judges had written on and to look again at her favored choices." As she thumbed through the papers, the air so thin, you could hear the russle, pondering, she touched her lips with her right hand, saying, "I like how he takes to the child staying close on leash," looking over at Jonathon, smiling at him but so subtly, as if she did not want to be favoring any particular contestant, again she spoke out to her fellows, Barry, George, what do you think, he handles quite well, I would say, do you agree?," their heads nodding up and down in agreement. "I want to see this one get the blue." All one could hear in the arena now was the dogs breathing and brief skuffs of the judges boots on the ground. All the fine dogs remained in row quiet and ready.

Jonathon was listening intently but now as he heard Ollie being the pick for blue, he scrambled tensely to stay alert, still. As they hollered out the names, the sounds echoed in the arena, and the lights blazed out at the darkened summer night sky, the music in the background, was coming from the rides nearby, the farris wheel lights filled the night in colors capturing the corner of Jon's eye. It was a very thrilling time. At 7, he was becoming a Pro trainer! It was their moment.

"Oliver and Jonathon Sweet, please line up at the right side in front." the Intercom bellowed out.
Other names were called but now the two pals were hardly hearing a thing besides their own hearts beating.
The lady with the long blonde hair, fringed cowgirl blouse, all in white, swayed by almost passing them, with Jonathons eyes fixated on her blue jeans and boots. As she hung the Big Blue Medallian with ribbon attached around Ollie. He raised his small gray head, perked up his floppy ears, (they were not cropped) and stood proud,holding his head so still, as Jonathon, had commanded him to do.The pup, wanted so much to lick that cute Judges hand, as he thought in his little puppie mind. The other judge, who had been most picky about the form of the dogs legs, rough handling him in places he preferred to keep private, handed Jonathon a plague with the Trainer for the year award in the youth catagory. Ollie's thoughts were so unlike him, he thought, would have loved to nip that judge a few times, as his Dad might have, without a reservation. Not Oliver though, he was a pure gentledogman.
Pictures snapping, crowds singing, cheers sounding out, a moment to be remembered forever, inplanted, history taking place. They both were finally able to take a sigh of relief. They had done it.- Together!

That night Ollie and Jonathon slept cuddled up both drifting off into a world only a boy and his dog would know.

Oliver, remembered those moments, as he lifted his weiry head many months later sitting in some strange ladies car going who knows where. To find out what happens with Oliver stay tuned and rate this story.

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