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2004 writing.com convention.
Eye up... shake hands... then hug!

Thursday, July 29th

Dropped my bags into my room at the hotel, then I changed into proper clothes to greet everyone coming to the convention. I was excited to see returning conventioneers this year, as always. They’re your Internet family. Funny how when members arrive at registration, it always seems stiff to me. We all eye each other up... wondering what the new people would be like... hoping they would have a good time, see the returning members to see how they’ve changed. Members started arriving slowly one by one... and by 3:30 p.m. we were wondering if anyone would show up. Sure enough, when they arrived, everything cut loose. LOL! It was awesome!!! So, my job was to check everybody in and give out their "goodies" for the next four days. It was so great to see everyone.

The campfire was great! Some funny sayings came out of that campfire! LOL!!

Friday, July 30th

Up by 7 a.m. and out the door. The StoryMistress and I had to get ready for the Creative Sessions. SMs did an awesome job on the centerpieces. I will be the first to say that I’m not a writer but I did enjoy the Creative Sessions. Funny how the stories come out in the end.

That evening was the Open Mic Night. For anyone not attending these conventions... this is one part of the convention that is sad for the site members to miss out on. What talent we have on this site. It’s one thing to read it on Writing.Com, but it’s a totally different thrill to watch and listen as these talented people put their skills into action. Wannabe did a very special piece for The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress which brought some of us to tears. Colin is always a great speaker to listen to, Milkman did his jokes, Lifewriter, Our Bowling Shoe, JohnAshen, Mark, Eliot was just incredible, Phil, Mel and Moo did a great skit, and to listen to Hemp is always a treat. I was just in awe. It was awesome. Nothing but pure talent. Everyone that stood on that stage did an excellent job.

Saturday,July 31st.

It’s auction time!!! SMs and I met Helen (the person who doesn’t own a computer) at 7 a.m. to set up for the auction. I of course wanted everything there. After breakfast everyone made their way to the room to check out everything that was going to be sold. So many wonderful items: handmade afghans, photography, homemade jelly, baskets full of goodies, hand made pearl necklace, drawings, water color painting, so many items! The auction was a huge success!!

After the auction SMs and I took off for the Mall so she could get her hair done for the formal. Me? It took everything I had to stay awake while she had her hair done. Coffee? There has to be coffee somewhere. LOL!

The Dance

Back in time to get ready for the big night... the formal. Everyone looked great and it was awesome to see everyone doing their own thing as far as dress. But... the highlight of the evening was SM and SMs doing their wedding dance for everyone to see. The dance they will do together at their wedding. You could feel the excitement in the room. Me? I was supposed to be taking pictures of the dance. SMs handed me the camera to take some shots. I tried... I really tried, but the minute that song started, the tears started rolling down my cheeks!! I was trying to look through the camera and take at least a few shots of them dancing. To late! I was full blast crying now! Wannabe started up to the dance floor waving to everyone to make a circle around their leaders. The leaders they love. You could feel the love in that room! Me? I was still crying, making other people cry, but it was a good cry! Pita put her arms around me to make sure I was o.k. Yeah, mom was o.k. Those two make the perfect couple. I’ve always been a very proud mother and I look forward to the day The StoryMaster becomes my son. The dance. It was priceless.

Sunday,August 1

The Good Bye Day

This is the hardest day for me. I feel like a mother hen saying good bye to all her chicks! Oh no, the Feral Chickens!! No seriously... I hate this day saying good bye for one whole year until the next convention.

It’s sad.

No more shaking hands, we hug and we fight back the tears.

We say so long to old and new friends.

We’re more than friends,
we’re a huge internet family.

We stay until the very last person is gone.

Then we just say, "I can’t believe it’s over."

Being a bit sad...

         Then it starts...

                   "Hey, next year we should"...
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