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Rated: 13+ · Appendix · Fantasy · #875177
Patch has just lost everything? Was is worth it to be a sorcerer?
Before I start this series, let it be known that I don’t own these titles. They belong to Evanescence. I am just basing my stories on their titles of their songs. This story’s main purpose is to be a prologue, an introduction. Here it goes.

Going Under

Patch looked around. The hard stone walls of Castle Morgana looked back at him. So much had happened. His family had died, his friend’s families had died, and not only that, but they had been told that they were the only chance of saving the world. Patch Hopkins and his three best friends Jamie Baker, Amber Whitfield, and Jordan Mitchell are the Morgana Quartet. They are the strongest generation of sorcerers to have ever lived.
Patch was 15, with black hair, and green eyes. Five-seven, 145 pounds, and had strong features. His father’s cheek bones and his mother’s eyes. He loved his family. His older brother Arthur had helped him through so much. His father had always helped him, and his mother was his closet friend. All that changed when he found out that to save the world, his family had to die.
They had had powers all their life. Their parents knew, and they always tried to keep it a secret, but helped their children to develop their powers. By the time they had all reached 15, the kids were very, very powerful. They could do anything with their powers.
The four friends was the most powerful generation for one reason: they loved their families. The love and support of their families is what had produced their powers. Unfortunately, it was this same love and support that had sealed their fate. The quartet’s powers cam directly from their families. To completely gain control of their powers, the families had to die, and their love would be with the Quartet permanently.
Jamie Baker, 15, a blonde, with beautiful brown eyes, and a killer body, was someone everyone could get along with. She was a wonderful person, and helped everyone. Five-five, and 135 pounds, this girl had it going on. Amber Whitfield was Jordan’s cousin. Amber, 16, with red hair, and blue eyes, had pale skin, but it suited her. She was a beautiful girl, and she loved to hang with her friends. Jordan, 15, had blonde hair, green eyes, and was relatively built. He was someone how you knew was in charge in the tough situations.
They found out a week after Jordan’s birthday. Jamie and Patch had gone on a vacation with some friends, and took Jordan to see a movie for his birthday after they got back. On their way home, a fire had started. They had run inside, and saved the people in the building. When they had run out, Amber had healed a little girl who was badly injured, and someone had caught it on tape. It was on the news that night, and they were exposed. The media had surrounded their houses, and even tried breaking in.
As they left school a week after the incident, a man had told them to come with him, that he understood their powers. They had no reason not to believe him, and so they followed. They followed him into some woods, and when they reached the center of the woods, they found a small cottage. He invited them in, and once inside explained to them why he had brought them.
“Hello, I believe you are Patch, Jamie, Amber, and Jordan. Is that correct?”
They all nodded.
My name is Alex McCormick. I am a wizard of the Castle Morgana. You four are a magic quartet, believe it or not, and are the only way of saving the world.
They looked at him like he was crazy.
“Maybe there is an easier way to explain this,” he said.
He walked over to a small pool-like area in a corner.
“Come gather around, and I will show you, rather then tell you, ok?”
They all did as instructed. They listened as he said what seemed to be an incantation.
Pool so cool, pool so clear,
Give me power, to see and hear.
Show to us, the future, present, and past,
Show us what has, is, and will come to pass.
The pool began to shimmer, and then Alex said, “A year from now.”
The pool twisted and turned, and then an image started to form, become clearer with each second. It was them, but they seemed mad. They seemed angry at each other. Then Patch saw himself create a fireball. He had never done that before, and then watched as he threw it at Jamie. She was covered in fire, and you could hear her scream. Patch felt as if he would pass out, and he was about to throw up.
Then Amber screamed something, and lightning struck Patch, and he hit the ground. Then Jordan and Amber looked at each other, and then Jordan threw a ball of water at her. It engulfed her, and she couldn’t breathe. Before her last breath, and made was seemed to be a whip, and slashed it at Jordan, and the whip struck him in the heart. Both fell to the ground, dead.
“This is the unfortunate outco0me of the Morgana Quartet, if you do not take up my offer. I can teach you the ways of the Order of Morgana. You can stop this from happening, but there is one thing you must know. To prevent your own deaths’, your families must die.”
Then all looked at each other and laughed. Then Patch walked over to him, got on his knees, so that he was next to the pool, and said, “Mr. McCormick, this isn’t funny, but yet we laugh. We are leaving, and you need to get help.”
With that, Patch, followed by Jamie, Amber, and Jordan, walked to the door.
“I’m sorry, Patch, but this is no joke. He snapped his fingers. The door snapped shut, the windows closed, and the locks all locked. “Patch, I am very serious. Now sit!” With those words, the four of them were thrown at the couch, and couldn’t move.
“With that, I am going to continue. The sorcerers of Morgana have protected this planet for over 1,000 years. Things, dark things, have tried to destroy out planet for many, many years, and you need to listen. A creature is coming, an ultimate evil, and it might already be here, and it is what caused that scene in the pool to come to pass. “
He stopped to make sure they understood.
“Do you know where you powers come from? They come from the love and support of your family, but you can only have the full extent of your powers if that love and support is taken away. By not seeing, and feeling it everyday, you actually grow from it. Your families must die, otherwise the world dies. I am giving you a choice. Come with me, and leave this place, and we can save this planet, or, you can serve the fate that you just saw. I will give you a week. Meet me here then, and come with your answers. Do not force someone to come. Even if one of you doesn’t want to serve in the Order, we can still win, but it would not be guaranteed. Now leave.” With a wave of his hand, then were throw off the couch, and laid softly on the ground, and the cabin disappeared.
“This is stupid,” said Patch.
"I don’t know,” said Jamie.
“I think we should do it,” Amber stated. She always loved helping others.
“Are you guys crazy, we have to loose our families!” Patch was ashamed of them, "What is wrong with you guys?”
Jordan looked at him and told him what Patch would remember his entire life.
“Patch, look at us. We aren’t normal. We were given these powers for a reason. We can save people. Our families will be with us forever. There is no changing it. This is the way it was meant to be.”
Patch thought about what he said. After almost 10 minutes, he replied.
“I don’t know if I can do it guys.”
“We will all have to. We will spend the rest of the week with our families. Meet back here, a week from now, and be here at 7 a.m.” Jordan looked at them, and they nodded.
That week was the saddest week of Patch’s life. He treated his family like gold, never arguing, and making sure they all knew he loved them. The night before they were to meant to meet at the cottage, he sat and talked to his family. He told them that he loved them, and that he would be with them forever. He went to bed, and that was the last time he spoke to them again.
The next morning we got up, kissed them all goodbye, and left for the cottage. He met the others there, and they went inside. Alex was inside, and stood when they entered.
“I see you all decide to acknowledge your fates. I need to all to come with me.”
He took his coat and walked out the door. He led them into the woods, and they reached a cave.
“You guys must help me confirm your powers. Chant with me, and I will tell you when we are done.”
Powers given with an unfortunate end,
Take them around the final bend,
Elementals circle near, confirm their powers,
The rest of their days, the rest of their hours.
They chanted for at least 10 minutes, and then wind picked up. It got faster and faster.
“I know what is going to happen. If you would like to watch your families’ last moments, come with me.”
He held out his arms, and they gathered around him, and then he drew a circle around them. A red light emitted from the circle, and in a blink of an eye, they were at their houses. It was like a four way mirror. On each side of them was one of their houses. They could still feel the wind. It had picked up, and then Amber saw it.
Sure enough, a tornado was racing at their houses. They couldn’t move. They watched as the tornado took their families lives. The guys held the girls as they cried, and stayed strong.
After the tornado was over, they returned to the cabin. Alex started in about the Order of Morgana, but when he realized that nothing would get through to them, at least on that day, he asked if they would like to go to Castle Morgana. They all replied yes, and they were instantly transported to a huge castle. They were lead to their rooms, and after realizing that their things were all here, that they would start the destinies tomorrow, and that they were heartbroken, they hopped into their beds, even though it was noon, and all cried themselves to sleep.
Patch thought about what had happened. Then he heard a voice.
“Don’t cry, Patch.”
“Who is there?”
“I am Dantalion, but you can call me Dani. I am a part of your powers, but I can only stay here if you tell no one of me, at least not until you develop your powers. Then you can tell people. You can tell no one of my existence.”
“I won’t,” said Patch.
“Good, we can be very close friends. Don’t cry young master. I will help you deal with the loss of you parents. I will help you. Now rest, young master.”
After Patch was asleep, the voice, Dani as it called itself, thought to itself.
“You will be mine young one. My ultimate weapon. I will make you my own little demon.”
It laughed evilly. No one knew, but the ultimate evil that Alex had spoken off had already arrived, and Patch was the unfortunate host to one of the most dangerous, evil creatures alive…

That’s the end of Chapter One everyone, please review, I appreciate it. Thanks.

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