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A summary of a few really, really deep thoughts, man, that, like, I had a long time ago.
Is it insanity to believe you have seen what lies on the other side? What if the Greater Truth is in fact far less complex than previously believed? To contemplate the possibility that every emotion, every thought, and every action and interaction experienced by every human being since the dawn of time matters not a whit at the heart of the vast pulsing core of being, is to glimpse the reality of madness. Perhaps our entire society, and all the expectations and desires within are merely a construct, a distraction, to prevent our minds from rolling back within themselves when they comprehend the scope of the lies and the mechanisms that made them necessary. The Machine ceaselessly gives life and brings death, distilling all into white or black, positive or negative, and does so remorselessly and without a trace of emotion or empathy, rearranging the core of matter itself as part of some incomprehensible and irrevocable master formula. The very soul of all existence and the face of unearthly horror are one and the same. Is the worldly definition of sanity properly defined, or defined based on artificial premises? Can insanity sometimes simply be an inability to articulate an understanding of the unexplainable? Is that glimpse of all in fact a glimpse of God? Or does it exist only in the minds of those contemplating it, that which is known by all and never spoken of, on a plane free of the mythology and human trappings distorting its presence?

Or, is insanity directly related to a misspent youth hanging around with Deadheads and listening to too many old Pink Floyd records? Perhaps some mysteries are best left unsolved.
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