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Story I told to my nephew. I've written it down for the first time.
Untellable Stories of Neverland
Chapter 1: Beginnings
Part A

I’ve been asked many times how Neverland was made. Well, I can tell you it wasn’t easy. It took time as all good things do, and it didn’t happen all at once.

Long ago when the world was young and people were kinder there were four brothers. They were very close and one night they went out hunting together, they traveled to a clearing; not knowing where they were they decided to sleep for the night; they had come upon the sacred ground of the ancestors where only the priest was allowed to tread. As they slept they all had the same dream; white clouds sailing on the water and bringing the walking dead, men who were unnaturally white, they would destroy everything in their wake; the brothers awoke and ran home, they tried to tell the village of what they had seen but no one would listen.
Because they knew better the brothers wondered what they could do. Acorn was angry at being punished for telling the truth and finally came up with an idea. They would travel to a new world and start a new life. The other brothers agreed and they decided to leave in seven days.
At the end of the week the brothers waited until deepest night; when everyone was asleep they crept outside and flew into the sky; they flew past the singing stars and the man in the moon winked as they swept past. They flew to the right (right being the correct way to do things) and straight on till morning (morning to show a new beginning). They flew on until they found a blank piece of space, devoid of everything. Acorn sang the song of land and suddenly a ball formed, it was blank and ready to be used. Acorn began forming the main land, he made one main land with a ditch that would soon be a river. Lastly he made a small island to the Southwest. There was only one problem; one part of the land wouldn’t fill in, you could see the stars in this hole. They didn’t know what to do but decided to leave it alone. Once the land was done being formed Big Fish filled in the water. Then before anyone made any sort of creature Running Cloud made the sky, He took black from a piece of cloth he had brought along and strew bits of light he had picked up along the way upon this black cloth.This was the night sky, but it wasn’t finished yet; he needed something for the moons; he finally found two beautiful stones in his pocket, one was a beautiful dark blue full of crystals that glimmered, the other was greenest green with red flecks. He put the blue stone over to the right of the sky and the green on the left, this way the night sky would be lit on both sides. Now that he was done with the night sky he began on the blue sky, taking blue from his ocean and sewed it on the end of the night sky, he made a large yellow sun just warm enough and with just enough white fluffy clouds for the birds and other flying creatures to rest on.
Now with light the brothers could begin making their creatures. Acorn and Running deer used mud from the new land to form their creatures, making elves, kobolds, giants, dwarves, all sorts of wee folk full of magick and mischief. They made regular animals as well, there were deer, stag, fox, bears, lions, leopards and all others that they could think of from the tiniest mice to the largest elephant.
Running Cloud make all the flying creatures, Pegasus,and eagles, ravens and hawks, harpies, fireflies, and all others even the great griffin. He even formed a bird of his own that was half raven and half hawk, it was black as a raven with the body of a hawk and the mind of a raven, with the most beautiful golden eyes, he called the creature a Ravenhawk and kept it as a pet naming it Bran, he loved this bird so much that he kept it on his shoulder at all times even in his sleep.
Big Fish made all the sea creatures, mermaids, sea horses, fish of all kinds, even friendly sharks and a large sea serpent named Sea Weed by the merfolk. Sea Weed was actually a big coward and would run to hide when ever he saw something he didn’t know. But everyone loved him all the same.
Once all the creatures were done being made Running deer added plants to the land, making trees; some normal trees and some that could talk and walk, he made these the guardians of the woods and creatures; as well as some very special plants such as pie weeds which when flowered held pies of all kinds, and hot chocolate bushes that held hot chocolate in their leaves and bloomed tiny marshmallows that were so soft. He thought and decided that all rocks and boulders would be eatable, some were rock crystal that tasted like your favorite candy, he made the mud taste like the best chocolate one could find anywhere.
When the brothers were done all stood back to see what they had accomplished, they had done well but something was missing. They talked among themselves and decided that they needed a waterfall. The waterfall was put on the painted cliffs; it looked beautiful but something happened that they hadn’t expected. The water changed colors! What had happened was the water took the paint off the painted
cliffs. This meant that the waterfall was now the color of a rainbow and the colors went all the way down the cliffs, to the river, changing the river into a watery rainbow, and went all the way to the ocean where the colors were finally washed away. From then on the Waterfall was known as Rainbow Falls and the river was now different as well. The mixture of the flavored mud, crystal rocks, and the colored water turned the water into flavored soda. The red tasted like punch, or strawberry, or cherry, or any other red flavor you can think of, the orange tasted like orange, the yellow like lemons and bananas and other yellow yummy things. The green tasted like apples, limes and other green things, the blue water tasted like blueberries and raspberry and other wonderful blue things that you aren’t supposed to have. Lastly the Purple tasted like grape and other purpley stuff. Around the edges there was white water left that tasted like the best water in the world.
This is how Neverland was formed over time. The brothers had wanted everything to be right, and it was except for the hole and as one wise man once said, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” which means that no matter how hard you plan there are times when something will go wrong and it’s no one’s fault.

Untellable Stories of Neverland
Chapter 1: Beginnings
Part B

As a small child I often wondered how fairies had come about. I’m sure if I had asked someone would have told me that fairies came when the first baby laughed.

Not long after forming all of Neverland the brothers began the next step. They would build four tribes, one for each brother, but how would they begin? They discussed it and decided that Big Fish would create the first baby. Big Fish was happy for such an important assignment and he took it very seriously. He thought of how he would like to begin before he touched anything, finally seeing in his mind how he would like her to look he began. First he took mud from the river, making sure it was sweet without being overly sweet, then he took black from the remaining sky Running Cloud had, and he added two twinkling stars for her eyes. He added just enough swan feathers to make her soft in the right places, and added just enough clear clean air to keep her thoughts pure. Lastly he took red from the reddest berries he could find. The he added just enough crystal rock to give her an iron will, a bit of a donkey to give her a stubborn streak, lastly he gave her Acorn’s love of the land and animals, Running Deer’s speed and grace, His love of swimming and Running Cloud’s imagination, with just enough rain to fill tears that would never flow.
She was the most perfect baby anyone had ever seen, She rarely cried at all, but there was one tiny flaw. She never laughed, how could she rule if she couldn’t express joy as well as sorrow? They tried everything, tickling her did
nothing, she didn’t laugh at Running Deer’s jokes, she didn’t laugh when she saw something wonderful, she didn’t even smile. What were they to do?
One day Acorn left saying he’d be back, not saying where he was going, weeks later he returned saying that he wanted to show them all something. The brothers followed bringing the babe, they walked through the jungle admiring the wonderful weather and the lush green trees that were beginning to unfurl new leaves. A few days into the trip Acorn had taken the lead, behind him followed Running Deer holding the baby showing her how to see tracks next to the trail, behind them came Big fish and Running Cloud. Suddenly Acorn tripped over a large rock in the path, he flung out his arms to catch himself, he fell to his knees and had just stood back up when something came whizzing out of the trees at him. He couldn’t duck in time and he was hit in the face with a giant pie! Where had it come from? No one knew, Acorn cleaned the chocolate off his face for it had been a chocolate pie and before his brother’s could laugh at him anymore he continued on grumbling about rogue brownies and how he’d get them back. As soon as he was able Acorn took a long bath in a nearby stream, cleaning chocolate out of his hair, off his face and clothes.
That night at dinner they told stories they had brought from Earth, and talked of how they wish they knew how their families were doing. As they went to sleep Acorn told the others that they’d be at the spot in two day’s time and that he’d take the lead as this was the hardest part to get through.
Acorn awoke first and cleaned their campsite, leaving nothing behind, he lead the group again and the day was uneventful until they stopped for lunch. Running Cloud feed the baby her bottle before he sat down to eat, he had just bent down to grab his bag when he heard a twang and heard a splat, he stood up quickly looking around when he heard his brother’s laughing and Acorn yelling. He looked and couldn’t stop laughing, there was Acorn, naked to the waist; the day had been warm; covered in blueberries and pieces of pie. It seemed that after a full belly the babe had fallen asleep, Acorn cleaned himself off but it was difficult, his skin was now a deep blue color, his hair now had deep blue highlights and his lips looked purple as though he was constantly cold. Big Fish helped him clean up and they continued on. The next day Acorn took the rear saying that he’d had enough of pie for a lifetime and that when they got back he’d deal with those rascally brownies and their pranks.
Up ahead Running Deer suddenly exclaimed that he could see their destination when Big Fish tripped. All of them ducked, hoping not to get hit by pie, fatefully they heard the splat and Acorn’s curses. The pie had come falling straight from the tree above him and had landed squarely on his head. It ran down his body covering him in cherries, the crust was mostly in his hair. The other’s tried so hard not to laugh but it got harder as Acorn squirmed, some of the pie had worked it’s way down his pants and there was no way he could get it out politely. Now it was so bad that he was jumping and squirming, doing anything he could to get the cherries out. The brother’s were laughing at their now purple brother when they heard the sound of tiny bells, they
looked around for the noise and saw that the little girl was laughing hard, she found it funny to see her uncle Acorn squirming like a snake. As she laughed more, bits of light came flying out of her mouth, the lights danced around getting bigger and forming themselves into little beings of light, some were children while others were adults, some were mischievous while others more serious, they were fairies. The last two pieces of light were the largest and took the longest to form, they were the king and queen of the fairies and they would live the longest. They came from pure joy and only pure despair will kill them. The queen has red flowing hair and pale green skin, her dress is always a lovely shade of brown that matches her eyes. The king is tall and handsome with hair as white as snow, and eyes that are blue as the summer sky. He always wears a suit of darkest green, with a small golden crown that is always too bright to look at.
Acorn, Big Fish and the others marveled at what they saw. Running Deer picked the baby up and turning to the king and queen spoke a single sentence, “She is yours to name.”
The king looked at the four of them and spoke in a deep kindly voice, “She belongs to no one, we will name her and she shall be a queen. If she is ours then we are hers. We shall call her Blue Lilly, call her what you will.”
From then on all queens of the Painted Cliffs Tribe had Lilly in her name somehow Tiger Lilly being the most famous. Ever since then in Neverland a small group of fairies is born when a baby anywhere laughs for the first time.

Untellable Stories of Neverland
Chapter 1: Beginnings
Part C

The following is Tinkerbell’s story as she would like it to be told. I am writing it in her words. Of course she is a fairy, and as such she has a tendency to exaggerate but that is for you to decide.

I was the first fairy to come from Blue Lilly’s mouth and as such no one really ever took me seriously, the other’s came in pairs and groups and I came alone. I was named Tinkerbell because my favorite thing to do it to tinker with objects and my voice is like the tinkling of bells. I live in Neverland next to Peter’s bed now, but I’ll begin at the beginning.
As I was an only fairy the brother Acorn took me in, he made me a home out of a coconut shell, it had two floors and doors and windows and different rooms; I wasn’t the only single fairy, there were others that were taken in by the other brothers and they were made homes as well; I helped care for Blue Lilly and as she got older we became good friends, but she grew up and had to lead her tribe into prosperity and so I was left behind. I didn’t mind at first, I always care for the first born of the chief and queen of the Painted Cliffs Tribe, but I longed for a child that I could keep and know that it would never grow old, but the only children were of the tribes and they needed to grow old to continue the lineage. Slowly my light began to die, no one noticed at first, and as soon as they did and knew the reason why they tried to talk me out of wanting a child so badly.
Of course I knew of Earth, The Brothers had come from there and there were lots of children there for the taking. One night while everyone slept I flew into space and began looking for the planet that was home to the Creators. After several nights of searching I finally found it, I flew down looking, I found several places that had tall buildings, some places were too hot for me, others too cold, and others still had no children I could find.
I didn’t know that I was in different cities at the time and that to find a child all I would have to do is look in a building. Finally in the last city where it was snowing I heard a baby cry, I looked all over, until I found a baby boy lying in the street in the rain and snow holding only a teddy and a small blanket. I wrapped the blanket about him and carried him to Acorn and showed him what I found. He was angry with me at first, but when I told him where I had found the boy he allowed me to keep him. Acorn asked the baby what he wanted and the boy told him that he never wanted to grow up but that he wanted to be old enough to do things for himself. He wanted to have fun all the time and maybe find others like him to bring back.
Big Fish was against letting him stay young forever saying that eventually everyone is glad to get older, and that in the end death was a blessing; after much discussing the brother’s agreed after stating that he would be young and carefree until they had need of him. They told him that one day he would be needed and that then he would grow older.
Peter agreed to the terms, Acorn thinking told Peter that he could have his tree and that he would go and stay with Running Deer in the nearby meadow.
Forever after that Peter and I have been friends and so far he hasn’t been needed yet. I think Peter’s forgotten the agreement though; I don’t think he’ll ever remember; I’ve tried to remind him but he doesn’t listen. There was one time when I almost lost him to a horrid girl named Wendy, but I chased her off, she stole the other lost boys, but we found more.
I hope that one day you find one of your fairies, maybe they are a singleton, you can care for them the way Peter cares for me. You see Peter has yet to have his first laugh, so he will never have another fairy besides me. I’m his fairy and he’s my boy, we will be together even after you’ve grown up and have children of your own with their own fairies.
Of course if you’re reading this it’s probably too late for you to become a lost boy, but that’s a good thing, that means you will know your fairies after a while, these poor lost boys never will until they grow up with Peter.
If you ever get the chance I welcome you to Neverland, as long as you don’t get Peter to grow up and leave me, you and I will be best friends.
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