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Who would have guessed this would happen?
Stumbling across you, my love,
was like dancing on fire.
With fierce determination,
you worked to mute my cry
as I rejected hugs
meant to quell my fears.

But what did I have to fear?
There I was, surrounded by love.
I read your words-certainly not a hug-
and then I was raging like a fire.
Reading your words made me cry,
and I almost held fast to my determination.

Yet you wanted to upend that determination,
and that paralyzed me with fear.
Still, I choked down my cries
to pursue writing, my love.
Those acid words ignited a fire
more potent than any hug...

until we met on the steps and hugged.
Oh my! The determination!
We'd been through hell's fire
to meet, to conquer that fear.
That fear was replaced by...love.
Inside, in bliss, I cried.

Then...you cried.
How I yearned to give you the hug
you needed; I wanted you to feel my love.
Now arrives a new determination-
overcoming separation, a fear
so overwhelming; it scorches like fire.

Still, I feel it, that potent fire.
I feel it everyday, and I cry.
There still may be things we fear,
but now it's assuaged by your hugs.
I now have a new determination:
preserving our love.

Our newfound love has yet to be a fire,
but with determination....I cry
whenever I feel the remnants of your hugs, for I feel no fear.

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