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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Sci-fi · #877649
This is the proposed end to the story God and Goddess, it is not complete nor final

         Light came into the darkened room as Kenji stepped in. A voice spoke from the fading shadows.
         “I’ve been waiting for you”
         Kenji’s voice dropped to a hiss, “Dosomir!”
         Dosomir sat in the middle of the room, a leg over the arm of the only piece of furniture; a grey throne, made of heavy, dark stones. A malicious smile spread across his face as he leapt down, “Kenji. You should know by now that you can’t win, so what do you want?” he moved his arms a haze appearing in the air, “some bad luck?”
         Kenji waved his arm, clearing the air, ‘I consider your whole existence ‘bad luck’”
         The smile left Dosomir’s face as his temper flared, “And what of you! You have made my life a living hell. Worse. I broke out of Hell.”
         “You put yourself there”
         “Enough! Let’s finish this. You came here to fight, to fight for the end of the universe. Only one of us will live.”
         “I did not come here to fight you. I know you have been deceived and I have come here to talk…”
         Dosomir threw a right handed punch, “Shut up and fight!”
         Kenji caught the fist, and continued, “We have no reason to fight. Only our love for Bell has brought us here—”
         “Lies! You never loved her. You used her!”
         “No.” Kenji continued calmly, refusing to attack back, blocking Dosomir’s strikes, “That’s not true. I have stayed by her no matter the price, why would I do that if I wanted only her power? It would have been easier to leave her. Don’t you see you have been deceived, I have always loved her…”
         Dosomir stopped, Kenji’s words hitting him with more strength than a punch. It dawned on him that what Kenji had said might be true, that all the deaths and murders he caused had been for no reason, for his selfish wants.
         A roar interrupted him, emanating from everywhere and nowhere, rising from deep inside, the lights dimming. A shadow seemed to detach itself from Dosomir, striking at Kenji with a clawed fist. He did not even try to defend, letting the darkness rip at his body. The Mortal-turned-God fell, his armor dropping back into the four separate weapons, the demon poison working fast. By the time Kenji hit the floor, he was already dead.

         Bell stood just inside the entrance to the Temple, the stone hallway cool and dark. She noticed the light and could hear Kenji speaking. Her heart leapt a beat, she had been away long and missed him dearly.
Bell had awoke, the Demon Bane stopping the poison, making her better just as quickly as she had been hurt. She had looked around, and seeing no one in sight, and knowing not where she was, she stood up, upon doing so, was greeted by the unusually large fairy that she had been helping when she had first met Kenji. It was from him that she had found out about the disappearances of the mortals followed by the gradual destruction of the universe. She had also learned of Kenji’s part in it, and where to find him. That was how she had left the remaining safe spot in the celestial plane, for the temple of the universe, perhaps, unbeknownst to her, the most dangerous spot for her to be.
         Creeping slowly towards the light, a roar suddenly dimming the area; she peeked around the corner in time to see a claw striking at Kenji, his blood staining the ground after he landed, dead. She turned away as the glittering red eyes in the shadow met hers.
         Hysteria took control, her fears for Kenji hitting her as well as the fact that he was already dead. She had to run, to get away, to try to save him. She stumbled towards the exit but found nothing to greet her on the other side, only emptiness. With nothing more that she could do, she sat in the corner, her knees drawn to her chest, fear and helplessness washing over her as she wept for the death of her love.

         Daemon, the king of the demons, towered beside Dosomir, his black form and red eyes dimming the lights.
         “Very good Dosomir, you have done well.”
         “You lied to me!”
         “Yes,” Daemon said, his deep voice echoing with a thousand tortured souls, “But you got what you wanted, Kenji is dead.”
         “Don’t touch him!”
         It was too late, for as Dosomir bent to touch Kenji’s prone body, his soul was already being absorbed. In a few seconds, Kenji’s body was gone and his essence lived on in Dosomir.
         There, Kenji spoke, as Dosomir was hit with all the memories and feelings of his past, you can see I loved her
         Everything was my fault, Dosomir realized, all her pain was caused by me
         It was no ones fault, only a mistake. The only true evil is there. Daemon.
         “Yes,” Dosomir said, a plan already being formulated, yes.
He put his arm up; focusing the powers of all the souls he had stolen, using their strength with his own. Slowly Kenji’s body reappeared, his life restored.
         “Go,” Dosomir said as Kenji sat back up,          “Bell is here.”
         “Go to her,” he replied, sternly. Kenji looked at him for a moment in silence, then nodded and took off for the exit.
         “What are you doing?!”
         Dosomir picked up Kenji's halberd, and unsheathed his dagger, stepping in front of Daemon to block his way, “You have lied to me for the last time”
         “He tried to kill you—”
         “STOP IT!”
         Daemon stopped, the God sword in his hand, and glared at Dosomir, “Very well…but I will succeed where he failed”
         Dosomir leapt forward, throwing his dagger and swinging the halberd. Daemon blocked the dagger and stopped the halberd with his armored arm, sliding back a few inches because of the blow. Dosomir continued to attack viciously, not allowing Daemon to do more than defend, pushing he demon closer and closer to the throne.
         His back to the wall, Daemon finally twisted, taking a glancing blow to the shoulder but catching Dosomir across the face. Dosomir spun and landed in a crouch, a crimson line drawn across his cheek.
         Dosomir stood, his breath fast. He knew that daemon was getting desperate so he charged and leapt; bring the halberd swinging down over his head, prepared for the final blow. Daemon suddenly made a lightning move and Dosomir stopped in the air. He felt no pain, yet when he looked down; he saw the hilt of the sword, pressed against his chest, the blade sticking out his back.
         “So it goes” Daemon said, dropping the blade and sending Dosomir’s dying body plummeting the four feet to the ground.
         Daemon stepped over Dosomir’s body, stooping down to grab his scythe, then continued off.

         Kenji slid into the entrance way, his shoes covered in blood, his blood. He could not fathom that minutes ago he had been dead. Within moments of being fused with Dosomir, he had realized that his thoughts had been correct. Dosomir had never been evil, but had done evil to stop what he thought was bad. His prejudice against Kenji had destroyed many lives, but Kenji held no hatred for Dosomir, it was the society of the gods to blame, not the individual.
         Kenji spotted the exit and sprinted forward, skidding to a stop seconds before falling into nothing. Everything was gone; where the universe and levels of existence had once been now lay a grey emptiness.
         “It is not there. Nothing is there”
         Kenji turned to the voice, spotting Bell, in the corner her knees drawn to her chin. She got up, swayed, and steadied herself on the wall. She flung her arms around Kenji, her head pressed firmly on his chest, and it was then that he realized she was crying. It was the first time he had ever seen Bell lose her composure.
         “Oh, Kenji!” she cried freely, taking comfort in Kenji’s arms, “I thought I lost everything, my friends, family, and most importantly you!”
         “Its okay, Bell,” Kenji said, stroking her back, “it’s all okay now”
         “When I saw you die, I realized that I did not want to live without you, I can not live without you…”
         Kenji knew what he should say, what he wanted to say, what she wanted him to say, but he could sense the falling power of Dosomir and could hear the advancing steps of Daemon. He could never break a promise to Bell, so he could never promise not to die for her. His silence was broken by the approaching foot fall of the King of Demons.
         “There’s nowhere to run,” Kenji whispered hurriedly to Bell, “I’ll distract him and you try to hide, it will be over soon”
         Kenji pushed Bell to arms length, examining her, he nodded, hugged her again and then turned to face daemon, Bell protect behind him. He knew what was to happen, an unspoken agreement between demon and god, the ultimate battle between pure good and pure evil, only one would live.
         “Daemon! Do what you must to me, but let her live, she is innocent!”
         “Ken! No!”
         “Step aside, Kenji”
         It then hit him, Kenji’s eyes widening in surprise. Daemon did not want to kill him. It had never been between him and Dosomir or even about him at all. This was about Bell. She had never killed; she was pure god, pure good. Daemon had used Dosomir in order to lure Kenji because he knew Bell would follow. Follow to her death.
         “You Bastard! Never!”
         The scythe flew in an arc, Kenji stopping the blade with his forearm. Warm blood covered his arm, soaking his shirt, dripping from the elbow. Daemon continued the stroke, sending Kenji crashing into the wall.
         Bell rushed over as Kenji came to his unsteady feet. He pulled her close, ignoring the sharp pain on his left, blood-stained, side, aware that their time was fleeting.
         “Bell, I love you, I have always loved you, I would die for you…”
         “And I would rather die than be without you”
         “Then this is where we die…”
         The scythe was dropping again as they kissed, the kiss of those who knew it as their last. Kenji took in her warmth, her smell, her taste, and turned. The blade, meant to kill two, struck him solely, cutting deep into his back, hitting bone. Kenji continued to kiss Bell, his body going faint as his life drained and the blade was raised again. Raised for the coup de grace. The deathblow.
         Kenji pulled Bell closer with the last of his strength, too weak to cry, warmth spreading from his back, when he heard the sound of metal on stone and a high pitched roar. He thought he saw Daemon collapsing and Dosomir with a sword, gasping and holding his chest, before everything fell into white.

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