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Just a little piece...
My one-night stand Scorpio

By Dan Cooper

I slept with someone last night. But it didn’t work out too well. It was just one of those unfortunate mismatches, really. We had no good excuses for being together. But there we were on a damp, cool summer night under the full moon.

I didn’t start it. She came to my bed. And before I knew it she was between my legs, getting in position for some intimate contact for which I was unprepared.

There is no denying that she had a fancy ass. Yet it still wasn’t the kind I am usually attracted to. She was slender and shapely, but a ne’er do well and just not my type.

I have to admit that being without much female company lately made this particular encounter all that much more painful. And painful it was for both of us.

She did come on to me first. But then it seems we spent the rest of the time trying to hurt each other. She was the first to lash out aggressively, but I was the one who broke the encounter off in no uncertain terms. I always hate being responsible for endings.

I was taken by complete surprise by the whole thing, and I must admit that my reactions were perhaps a little too abrupt. And yes, it is true that she was on me before I knew it. But I have been surprised before, and that’s really no excuse for being callous and ugly about the encounter.

Too quickly I rolled over on her, and I guess the weight was too much for her, or the surprise was too sudden. Anyway, she took offense and bit me a pretty good one. It all went downhill pretty fast from there.

Of course, I had no idea she was armed. She quickly stung me four times with the sharpest of stilletos. I reacted pretty violently. I hit her in the face hard enough to send her into the wall, where she fell in a heap on the floor. She squirmed for a moment and fell silent, and I knew that I had killed her.

That’s how fast it was over. And after it was finished I cursed her and reveled in having killed her so quickly. After all, it isn’t every day you awaken to find a very active scorpion under your thigh. Lucky thing for me I rolled over when I did, or there’s no telling where I might have gotten stung.

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