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by spidey
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #882624
a Children's story written for the Writer's Cramp.
a Children's story written for "The Writer's Cramp

The prompt: Weave a tale or poem that involves an elf, a brownie, a sprite, or a leprechaun who wishes to journey into outer space.

"Trixy the Pixie"

         Trixy slammed her bedroom door shut with a loud bang, and threw herself onto her bed. Curling the soft pink blanket around her, she heard her mother’s words calling up to her from downstairs.

         “Trixy! Don’t slam that door!”

         “You’ll never understand! And I hate my name!” Trixy shouted back at her mother. Why did they have to name me Trixy anyway, she thought to herself. That’s what started this whole mess in the first place. Trixy squeezed her bright blue eyes shut and tried to block out the names her classmates had been calling her all day long. “Trixy the Pixie,” rang through her head over and over, as tears started to fall from her eyes. She lay in her bed for a few hours, mulling over her desperate situation.

         Just when Trixy was about to fall asleep, she noticed a bit of light peeking its way into her dark room. Trixy slowly got up out of her bed and walked to the circular window, being drawn to the delicate moonlight that shone into her room. Looking up toward that celestial delight, Trixy saw hope. Here on Earth, Trixy thought, I’m merely a fairy. I’m just like all the other fairies, except that I have a horrible name that the others make fun of. Perhaps if I went into space, and found another planet to live on, I’d be happy!

         So, Trixy went about her plans to escape. She packed some light clothes in a bag made from a leaf and some twine. She realized that the trickiest part of her escape would be finding a way to propel herself into space. Luckily, Trixy remembered a story she heard in school. It was about a cow that jumped into space, and over the moon! Trixy knew where she could find a cow. All she had to do was ask it to take her on its next trip!

         As Trixy sat on her bed pondering this, she began to get a bit sleepy. She decided that she couldn’t find the cow while she was too tired to fly, so she would take just the smallest little nap before she set off on her adventure. Trixy lay down her sweet head upon her soft, pink pillow, and before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

         “Trixy….,” a smooth, delicate voice called sweetly.

         “Mmmmm…,” Trixy muttered.

         “It’s time to wake up, Trixy,” her mother said softly.

         Trixy’s eyes flew open. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “I overslept! I’m going to miss my trip now!”

         “Why, Trixy! Whatever do you mean?” her mother asked in surprise.

         Trixy, realizing she couldn‘t tell a lie to her mother, explained to her what she had planned on doing the night before.

         “Oh, Trixy,” her mother replied. “You can’t solve your problems by running away from them. I gave you the name Trixy after your great-grandmother, who was a very beautiful and talented fairy.”

         “Really?” Trixy asked.

         “Yes, and do you know what she was famous for?”

         “Trixy’s eyes grew wide in wonder. “What?” she asked.

         ““Why, she told the greatest and most clever stories. She was a grand storyteller, and from that plan you’ve just told me about, I’d say you’re going to follow in her footsteps!”

         ““Wow!” Trixy replied, in great awe and excitement, as she knew what her purpose in life here on Earth meant. She was to become a great storyteller, and that’s exactly what she did.

The End.
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