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Alone on a dark night. (A contest winner)
She is alone, naked, pearly white skin seeming to glow in the moonlight. She sits with her knees drawn up to her face, back against an ancient tree, its wide trunk making her slim frame look smaller than ever. The tangled limbs of the tree are silhouetted against the dark sky, lit by a thin crescent moon. There is no wind. The only motion is the girl, her body shuddering with silent sobbing.
A thin cloud slides over the moon, and her crying begins to subside. She stands, slowly, as though she were in a trance, and turns to face the tree. A breeze picks up, tossing the branches of the tree, heavy with warning of a storm to come. She lifts her arm and pulls from a hidden hole in the tree a slender blade.
Slowly, slowly, she slides the blade across the fragile veins in her wrists. Rain falls in torrents from the sky, mixing with the blood falling from her outstretched arms, soaking into the dry soil. A crack of thunder sounds as she slides to the ground, facedown, luminescent skin slowly dimming as life fades from her fragile body. And even as she fades, the storm becomes stronger and stronger, closing in on her. In the moment of her death, lightning strikes the ancient tree, sharply illuminating her no longer glowing body. Her dark hair is tangled, plastered against her pallid skin, and her sticky blood pools around her. The tree splits down the middle, ancient life finally at an end. And the storm fades, until only a gentle pattering of rain is left throughout the night.
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