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by Mr. J
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Satire · #884510
satirical flash fiction, commentary on religion.
"Petey, Oh Petey"

Little Petey Pudding Pie had pleats in his pants and sure did love to read the Bible. “I have pleats in my pants, and I sure do love to read the Bible!”

He didn’t understand it but he sure acted like he did. “You are all going to Hell unless you give me money.”

Over time he grew powerful and gained followers using his misrepresentations of the Bible. *punches guy* “You’re healed!”

He told his followers to punish those who were not following his ideals. “…And the gays, too.”

After one of his followers murdered a family in Kentucky, Petey was put on trial. “I didn’t kill anyone.”

They discussed Pete’s involvement and the Jury came to a conclusion. “He’s a monster. Guilty.”

Petey Pudding Pie died by lethal injection. “You’re gonna feel a little prick.”

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