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Being green is tough on the ego!
         Just a few thoughts on being a new author here on Writing.com

         I wouldn't say I am exactly new to the site. I did have an account when this site was Stories.com, only I was deactivated for being dormant (I suppose).

         I must say that I am finding it overwhelming trying to navigate my way around the site. My inbox is filled with a ton of How-To e-mails ect. I am lazy(criticize if you will) and in this, the information age, I would much rather just have the quick answers to all of my questions fed directly into my brain, as opposed to wading through article after article on how to get noticed.

         Not that getting noticed is the issue; the issue really is how do I get that ego stroke that so many refer to here as a review? Do I play politics? Spend hours each day reading on the site? E-mail a bunch of authors?

         Are there any un-written rules I should know? The mother of all questions that has been bugging me to no end is What qalifies me to review others work? I have no professional writing experience moreover no qualifications as an editor.

         My own writing needs a lot of improvement so how can I make suggestions to others? Furthermore what if someone doesn't like what I have to say? Will they stalk me by e-mail? Slander my name all over this site and others? What can I expect in this regard? Yes I did read the FAQ on this but I was unsatisfied with a generic answer.

         I may catch a spelling error here or there but that does not qualify me as a reviewer. I have read and rated some pieces and even sent a comment to those who I really enjoyed reading but they were more along the lines of I really enjoyed reading your piece . Does that count as a review?

         Last but not least How can I make friends when no-one has noticed me after 5 days I have been registered?True I have only written 2 measly/middling pieces but you would think someone would like my mad-lib.

This Editorial/Essay is made up of 50% Sarcasm and 50% whining
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