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Something light and sweet that I wrote for my grandpa.
Dear Grandpa,

With this war going on, the state of affairs in our country today, Jerry Springer, and COMPUTERS, I've been thinking about you so much lately. Been wondering what you could possibly be thinking of all of this. Fifteen years is a long time, but I can picture your face so vividly. I could tell you exactly what look would be on your face if you knew how far computers have come since you passed away. You'd be freaking out about today's technology! I know that for sure. LOL... Oh, that's "laugh out loud" in IMing terms, BTW. Never mind.... hee hee.

Although, you may already know what's going on nowadays. Do you? Are you somewhere fabulous with lots of pretty girls bringing you rootbeer floats? Are you anywhere? Well, if you CAN see any of this, don't tell Mom some of the stuff you might've seen, okay? Thanks. Yes, keeping me out of trouble as always. Even at this age.

Ever since I could remember I was your official 5:00 am coffee tester. That was the best job I'll ever have. Did you know that Gran gave me the mug you used to drink coffee out of every morning? I don't use it much. It's so special to me, and I'm too afraid of breaking it. You made me a coffee junkie, just so you know!

I saw "Grandpa's Bag" the other day when I was at Grandma's. She still keeps the candy in it, and we still all fight over the "ornj" slices. With Ray's twins, we have two MORE to fight with, too.

Can you believe MY brother has twins? I bet you never thought you'd see two sets in our family, did you? I wonder if Russell would have had twins if he'd been able to have kids. It's supposed to skip a generation, but it didn't with Ray. I've decided not to have children, but if I did, I'd probably wind up with quadruplets or something. Ray's boys would've LOVED you, Grandpa. I can just see them now, trying to imitate you pushing your teeth out of your mouth. You know, I was about five before I realized your teeth weren't real! Ray doesn't really like it, but I'm letting the boys be my coffee testers when they're over.

I wish you could meet Sherrie. You would've really loved her. Grandma thinks she's the cat's meow, and that I've found a great catch. Gran's also not weirded out because I'm seeing a woman, either. I already know what you'd say, "Just another pretty girl around to look at." You were always just so understanding about everything. The most liberal Republican I'll ever meet.

Grandpa, how did you ever live to be 97? I'm just now 34, and I can't fathom living that many more years. I'm old and sore already. I think Grandma will make it into her nineties, don't you? She's so darn young for her age, just like you were. Did you two put something in the water when you lived at the house on Skyline Drive? Hmmmmm?

Remember when Grandma accidentally made that apple pie with salt instead of sugar? I still can't believe you ate your whole slice! Gross!

I just wanted to write you while you were on my mind. I was just remembering how good it felt to be a little girl when you were around. Every day spent with you and Grandma, but especially you, was my day to be perfect. It was like you always knew I'd never get to be Daddy's girl, so being Grandpa's Princess was something you made extra special. I was always the most beautiful princess in the land when I was with you. Thank you for my wonderful memories.

Although I sometimes think you already have, feel free to get in touch with me any time. If you can see what I'm up to, you'll know it's not much, and I'd love the visit. I'll write again soon.

I love you.


P.S. And, for the last time: It's NOT the "Gravy Bunch" it's the "BRADY Bunch"!
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