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Not meant to be perfect. Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves.
The Amateur Poet
E C Wesch

This was not meant to be perfect. It's absurd.
I just needed some fun time. A little getaway
from trying to write the perfect poem.
Some times we need to laugh at ourselves.
If we can't laugh at our mistakes,
then why bother trying.
I hope you get a laugh out of it,
I know I did.*Bigsmile*
So please do not rate and review
on spelling, grammar or punctuation.
R&R on FUN.

I try real hard to write great poems,
although my spelins is not too gud.
My puntuation may need a little help,
and sometimes it may not ryme.

Isn't that why they invented FREE FORM?*Confused*
That's the cheater's poetry, for people who failed rymin in school.
They must have had me in mind, though.
MY high school English teecher
would be ashamed of me.*Blush*
Oh well, Who cares he's not here anyway,
he's probaly dead by now.*Delight*

What do you expect!
I"m an amature.

I would like to write great potery,*Smile*
I'd know just what to say.
I may even write a short story*Reading*
or something like that....

Duh, Anything would be gud.
To bad I'm not a blond, then
I would have a good excuse for being so dumb.*Yawn*
I could use a cold beer right now.
How about you? *Wink*
Got any money to pay for it *Question*
I'm broke.
I don't get paid for making a fool of myself.
I do it for free.

What do you expect?
I'm an amature!

I've been told my structure needs some work,
My meter needs some help.
If I knew what that ment
I'd try and help myself.

Da Dah DE dah Da dah de dah de dah
Did someone forget what the words were?
Or are they one of those blondies too?
OK Story Mistress,
Why did my ML tags stop workin all of a sudden?
Did I do somethin' wrong,
Or did you forget to pay the bill or somethin????
Nothing EVER seems to work for me.

What do you expect?
I'm an Amature.

The newsletter subscriptions
give good advice and teach us how to rite.
They show us how to get around
Writing.coms' web site

Wow it rymmed. "Happy days, are here again." *Delight*
So sorry, I lost my head.*Blush*
If anybody should find it,
Pleeese send it back to me, I just might need it.
I need all the help I can get,
Sometimes I even have trouble logging in.

What do you expect?
I"m an amature.

Somehow I'm still a little lost.
And cannot find my way .*Confused*
After four months on this site
you'd think I'd know what BITEM is.

Isn"t that what a warewolf does?
Or is that the Vampire contest?
Speaking of contests.
I wrote a short story for a contest one time.
They gave a list of titles, you had to pick one and I chose "
My Porcelain Tears" *Cry*.
When I went to post it, first I couldn't find the contest again,
Then when I finally did find it,
I discovered it was a poetry contest,
And not a short story contest. Go figure.

What do you expect.
I'm an amature.

The contest are a lot of fun,

Hm??? Speaking of food.
That makes me hungry.
I'll be right back.
(Ginger is away from her terminal,
tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock)

I'M Baaaack! Did you miss me?
Now about contests, I have come to a decision' *Shock*
I am better at writing poetry then I am at writing short stories.
Even though I suck at meter and structure.*Pthb*
(Or so I'm told.)
I am much better at poetry, can't you tell?

What do you expect?
I'm an amature.

Just a little more practice.
Just a little more time
Just the rite topic
mabee i'll find

Hey, I think that rhimes!
I'm on a roll.*Laugh*
See. I told you I was good at it.
I bet you didn't think I had it in me?.

What do you expect,
I'm an amature.

If my spellings not purrfect.
If my puntuations not correct.
If youll just be paatient.
I'll get it yet.

Hey, Lookie!! Another rhime. I think

What do you expect?

PS..Sorry, Story Mistress but my ML tags really did stop working,
but it's working fine now. I'm sure you really did pay the bill,
a little late maybe, but you paid it.
Or was it operater errer. HEE HEE

What did you expect? perfection.... not today.
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