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Musing about how I reached this point in my life.
I have rewritten this poem for my 65th birthday on the 11th August. I notice that I wrote the original in 2004. I feel that I have journeyed a long way in those 6 years. I attended a WDC conference in Pennsylvania in July 2005. The following week I was hospitalised in Carolina as during my journey to Nashville across the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smoky Mountains I suffered a heart attack. Luckily no permanent damage and a few days after being discharged I achieved my dream of visiting Nashville. I awoke on the morning of my 60th birthday in 'Heartbreak Hotel' down 'Lonely Street.' opposite Elvis's 'Graceland.' I retired from 18 years of nursing in October 2007 and have been lucky enough to have taken journeys to visit Singapore, Australia and Fiji in 2008 and South Africa in January and February this year. I am still writing poems and songs and now short stories with a local writing group here in Northampton in the UK. I am still asking all the questions below!

How Did I Get To Here?

How did I reach this place and get to here?
Did I have a long exciting journey
With awe inspiring events at every turn?
Did I have to drag myself through the mire
To then endure a very bumpy ride?
Did I along my pathway many lessons learn?

Was the distance I travelled a long way
Or was I already somewhere near?
Did I know what was to be my destination
Or did I not even travel at all
Because I was in fact already here?
Was I a figment of my imagination?

How did I reach to now, to this moment?
Did the Lord give to me a helping hand?
Did I set out to journey to exactly here?
Did I choose the path I took, was it planned?
Was I surprised when I finally found
That I was right here on this familiar ground?

Did I reach the top, the summit I sought?
Was my ticket with tears or laughter bought?
Was I aware I travelled, did I want to strive
For perfection, or average each day?
Just how and why did I want to arrive?
Is it all an illusion just about to fade away?
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