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A song I wrote while looking out of my window thinking about all the wars in the world.
One morning the news was so bad many had been killed in Iraq. Soldiers from both the UK and the USA and many innocent, and maybe some not so innocent, civilians had been killed or injured. I knelt on my settee and looked out of the window, tears streaming down my face, and thought about the futility of war. I was looking out at my garden and the words of this song came into my head. I sang it before I wrote it. I then had to race around to find a pen and paper praying that I would not forget the tune or the words. Thus my song 'My Garden Of Peace' was created. It could be written again today. This morning the news was so bad and I listened with tears filling my eyes....

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I sit here and look out at my lovely garden,
It’s a haven in a very troubled world.
Emotions stir, but I will not ask for pardon,
For all my worries and fears are unfurled
And forgotten, for at this moment they all cease.
And my garden is an arbour in which I find peace.

And I wish I could take all the world by the hand,
I’d bring them to my garden, try to make them understand,
What are they doing? What are they living for?
Why aren’t they making love? Why do they make war?

Can’t they see, can’t they feel, that they don’t have to kill.
Their pride in their country it can survive still.
Can’t they see that they’re breeding generations of hate?
They fight for their sons and daughters, or so they state.
But who will make the fighting come to an end?
Who will reach out and make a once foe a friend?

Oh I wish I could take the whole world by the hand,
I’d bring them to my garden, try to make them understand,
That the way forward is for all wars to cease,
And I’d share with them my garden of peace.          

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