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This was written on the second day of a four day migraine.
Many years I've had a demon come inside my head,
And sometimes I feel I'm nearly driven mad with pain,
When it's faded like a ravaged rainbow, I still live in dread
I start praying that it will not decide to visit me again.

It scourges me like a searing iron that is lying in my mind,
Lightning flashes strike with vivid stabs inside my eyes,
Words on sullen pages cross, then float away, are hard to find,
And nauseous, the bile gorges and begins in my throat to rise.

I stand quite still, hugged to the wall to stop the dizzy spin,
Hold the cherished bowl close by, in case it's needed yet again
Then I lie down in the dark, but the bright sun is still within
My eyelids, I try and bargain, plead for the demon to be slain.

I thrash from side to side, try to shake the devilish limpet out,
This throbbing rhythm, now part of me, almost like a friend,
It helps to focus on the metronome, the beat changes as the bout
Crescendos agonisingly towards its, sweet and bitter end.

Then comes the blessed release, I sleep like I'll never awake,
My mind is numb, there are no dreams, no flashes of vicious pain,
When I arise, I am reborn, it would seem that I made a mistake
There's an exquisite euphoria that's always hard to explain.

I feel energy coursing through my previously savaged veins,
Positively I step up, then from that fearsome pit climb out,
Marvellously, I realise the rich tapestry my life gains
From the experience of suffering and of that I have no doubt.

If ever I get the chance to choose to live my life once more
I'd deprive my soul, willingly forfeit any earthly reward,
I'd banish this misery from my life, turn, slam shut the door,
And free myself forever from this migraine's monstrous sword.

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