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Jack finds true love, and his body finds its true destiny, in a small town dining club.
Part Two

By the time Chris and Jack’s wedding day arrived, a mere six months after he had first stepped into the Big Diners’ Club, Jack had grown so massive that he made the famous fat chef Carl look underfed. The newly-enormous groom finally got to meet the studly fat blond food expert and TV personality just before the ceremony. Accompanying Carl, to Jack’s delight, was his almost equally ample blond wife and manager, Danielle.

Standing in the enlarged and renovated entrance area of the recently expanded Club, Jack, the nearly half-ton groom, contentedly welcomed each wedding guest, smiling, shaking hands, and posing for many, many photos. His bridge Chris, worried that her tremendous fattened Jack would tire his legs by standing for too long, had purchased and placed in the entryway a wide, sturdy bench especially for him. She need not have worried. Jack, feeling strong and vital, disdained the bench on this special day; he preferred to greet family and friends standing up, a demonstration of raw power and brute strength that surprised and impressed them considerably.

Chris’ friends, of course, were mainly Club members themselves, and knew how much Jack had grown; even Chris' family, while impressed with the sheer expanse of Jack, were not completely surprised, for they knew her taste in men. Jack’s other friends, however - well, the magic of the Club cushioned the blow for them, but some of them were clearly shocked by the enormous transformation in Jack. Of the 'outsiders', his old colleagues from the County Development Agency were perhaps the only ones not totally surprised - but then, they had watched him put on the first 250 pounds, before he left that job.

Jack’s family, perhaps due to the tendency of their menfolk to grow larger, were more accepting than most other non-Club folk. Especially accepting were his brothers - all heavyweight, ex-football linemen types themselves. The heftiest, Mike, remarked as he shook Jack’s hand, “I thought that your fat guy destiny had caught up with you when we saw the bigger you four months ago, but this..." he gestured at Jack's expanse, "is nothing short of magnificent.”

“Thank you! I feel 'magnificent', too,” Jack replied lightly.

“Since you came to visit,” Mike continued, “Dave and I seem to have had a little competition on, and we’ve both put on another 20 pounds!”

“Cool!” Jack replied. “It looks good on both of you,” he continued, noting how Mike was packed tightly into his mammoth suit, and how his son Dave’s tremendous teen gut hung out and over his belt, straining his shirt buttons. “Though the feast Chris is preparing will probably add a few more pounds to both of you!”

”That would be awesome!” Dave replied enthusiastically, as his mother Elise looked on fondly. “I'm aiming for 500 pounds,” he added positively, "I wanna get bigger than Dad - though not bigger than you, Uncle Jack!"

"Give yourself time, Dave," was Jack's quiet advice. "How big you're going to end up may not be something you can control yourself!"

Jack had even managed to track down his old college roommate and football player Roddy, who had indeed packed on the ‘after football’ 150 pounds that Jack had imagined that first day at the Club. Roddy greeted Jack’s transformation from soccer slim to magically mammoth with astonishment - and then with jocular acceptance.

(And where was Chris during all this meeting and greeting? She was in the Club kitchen supervising preparations for the upcoming wedding feast. Their wedding banquet, she'd promised Jack, was going to be something Club members would talk about for years, so rich and fattening that all you would have to do was sniff it to gain weight! But it would prepared in quantities so that a lot more than just sniffing would be possible - and expected!)

When Chris’ sister Bernice showed up, Jack was able to recognize her immediately. Behind that well-dressed, matronly form were the same knowing eyes as her sister.

"Chris has told me so much about you," the sorceress murmured, leaning into Jack's gargantuan gut to kiss his fattened cheek. "Always wondered why she'd cloistered herself out here in the sticks, but now I know why: it was so she could meet you, you handsome chunk of man!"

"I owe all this to Chris," Jack answered, returning Bernice’s kiss. He straightened up, then patted one side of his lavish paunch with a meaty hand. "Though I once I learned it was magic, and that you were a practitioner, well, of course I suspected that she'd gotten a little help."

Standing behind Bernice, the quarter-ton-plus Carl chuckled, the satin lapels of his tux scintillating as his layers of avoirdupois rippled with mirth. Beside him, his wife Danielle, eye-catching in a shimmering sheer dress that seemed to exaggerate her abundant curves, snickered in agreement.

"Chris said that you were a particularly sharp guy," noted Bernice. She smiled and put a hand on the vest covering Jack's forefront. "She always did like brains along with bulk in her men. And while the bulk is obvious," her hand slid along the bulging vest suggestively, "Chris assures me your brains are a match for the your size!"

She looked around the room as if to make sure no one else was listening, then leaned in close to his ear and continued in a much lower voice.

"You're right," she admitted. "I did give her some special potions years ago, but let me tell you this: they would only work on the right person. And judging by this,” she went on, passing her hand across Jack’s massive meatlocker again, “that person is you."

The chubby witch paused thoughtfully. "You mentioned magic. But I thought Chris told me you weren't a believer."

Jack bounced a hand firmly off the side of his monumental mid-riff (the front being so far forward that it's hard to reach) and smiled at her.

"I've broadened my horizons," he said warmly, as the impact of his heavy hand made ripples spread across the flesh of his king-sized belly. "After all, no one could grow as enormously and as rapidly as I have without some help, some ... explanation. And magic is, against my earlier beliefs, the explanation that fits best. And, since it seems you're the ultimate source of this incredible growth magic, Bernice, I’m now thanking you for offering those potions to Chris. These past six months have been the happiest of my life. I've never felt more fulfilled - or fully filled."

Still smiling, he gazed down admiringly at his bulging gut: it hid his feet from his view, and as he stood he rocked up and down slightly, the motion making his gut bounce gently against his thighs, and causing waves to ripple across the smooth fat layers under the fitted waistcoat. When skinny, Jack had been proud of his lean, muscular body; that pride, even stronger now, was invested in the immensity of his new body. Jack was especially proud of his vast, expansive gut, whose colossal girth bulged outwards as the most obvious testament to his magnificent new, magically-enhanced, appetite. After another moment of contemplating his gargantuan gut, he resumed talking to his about-to-be sister-in-law.

“After all, Bernice, in the last month alone I’ve gained more than 250 pounds - that’s more than I weighed when I met Chris! And I’m not immobile or ill or even tired - my body manages all this mass surprisingly well. Frankly, if I were to think about it, I’d be astonished at how well I can get around, given that I’m nearly the size of a hippopotamus. But I don’t think about it. I just enjoy it.”

“And how do you feel about your size?” Bernice asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“I feel great! You don't know this - even Chris doesn't - but I used to be so proud of being the only thin one in my family - and now, now I’m happy, really happy, really proud of being BIG, being the biggest guy around. I'm so happy to be enormous, and to eat enormously. I tell you, I didn't know just how much I would love to eat - and I LOVE to eat! Chris says I eat enough for a small army, and I'm proud of that!

"I have found the life I was supposed to have. I wake up each day looking forward to being big, eating more, and to getting bigger!" He paused for a moment, then continued. "I realise now that only magic could have brought off these kinds of changes.”

"Your response to the magical potions I gave Chris has been much stronger - and more robustly physical - than even I had dreamed of,” Bernice replied. “I thought it would take years for even the most avidly responsive man to gain the weight you’ve gained in just six months.

"And Chris has told me all about your appetite. It’s astonishing! I can't wait for the banquet, to see you in action. Chris' description of your capacity for food is beyond my wildest expectations. You’ve made Chris very happy, you know - and that’s important to me.” She paused. “We'll talk some more after the wedding," Bernice decided. "There are some things a man of your magnificent bulk should know - particularly if he's going to be my little sister’s husband."

"I look forward to it," Jack said.

And then it was time for the ceremony itself.

Chris came out of the kitchen, stripping off her apron (which had streaks of flour on it) to reveal her magnificent blue gown. With her was the officiant. While Chris hung back in the kitchen doorway, the officiant, a fellow Club member, moved his own substantial mass forward, and motioned Jack to join him at the front.

Jack stepped up to the wall mirror in the Club Room entrance, adjusted his shimmering silver metallic waistcoat one last time to lie smoothly over his gut, and admired again his gargantuan reflection in the glass. He popped a last chocolate into his mouth from the box beside the guestbook, and turned slowly to step into the main Club room. He paused in the doorway, his wide form blocking the light from the entrance, and as the crowd rose, Jack drank in the Club members' admiration. The Club had watched him progress over the last five months from a painfully thin soccer player through gently tubby, then pleasantly corpulent, on through definitely fat and finally into an obese colossus of a man. Before their eyes Jack had grown at nearly unimaginable speed into the biggest and fattest human being they'd ever seen. He smiled broadly at them all, receiving warm smiles of appreciation in return, and then proceeded to slowly navigate his ponderous form down the central aisle of the Club room to the waiting marriage commissioner.

As Jack journeyed slowly towards the front dais, inside his brand new, capacious white and silver tuxedo his massive leg muscles strained and surged to keep his half-ton mass in motion, their exertions nearly unnoticed under the mammoth layers of pudge covering his gargantuan thighs. The prodigious layers of fat covering his obese body bounced, shifted, rippled and adjusted with every waddling step; his corpulent arms bulged and swayed in the formal jacket as they swung to balance out the motion of his gigantic gut, which rolled and swayed gently from side to side as he moved forward. The upper two-thirds of Jack’s mammoth belly was restrained only slightly by the stunning, embroidered metallic silver waistcoat fitted over it, while the lower part of Jack’s belly, encased by the spectacularly large waistband of his snowy-white trousers, hung so low that it bounced gently against his titanic thighs as he cruised slowly, majestically down the aisle. After he'd passed, the view of his backside continued to enthrall, as his mammoth glutes lifted and bounced the layers of blubber covering them, making the tails of his formal jacket sway as they seemed to duel inside his mammoth pants, their heft providing a counterbalance to the mammoth gut up front. Above, the yard wide shoulders sailed calmly above extravagant, swinging arms, and gently surging pecs.

Marc lifted his hand and gave a small wave as Jack passed, a gesture of friendship and commonality. Jack grinned and winked at his friend. He hoped that Chris's high-calorie wedding feast was going to be as effective as she'd advertised, for Marc’s sake as well as his own. Just a week ago, the rotund waiter had confessed to Jack how dismayed he and his girlfriend were that he had apparently had reached a major weight plateau, a set point only a hundred pounds heavier than when Jack had first joined the Club. In that moment, Marc had reminded the now spheroidal Jack of his initial flash of envy that first day in the Club - six months and more than eight hundred pounds ago. Now the situation had reversed, and it was Marc who enviously admired Jack’s amplified size. As he sought to improve his own girth, Marc was particularly inspired by the remarkable trail of increasingly larger clothes Jack was leaving behind in the Club’s wardrobe room. Marc was looking forward to being able to wear more of Jack’s larger cast-offs, as once Jack had worn some of Marc's.

Jack made his unhurried way down the aisle, waddling gently past the crowd, the white and silver tuxedo both enhancing and exaggerating the curves of his gargantuan body, while love and hunger filled his heart. Arriving at the front of the Club, he paused, and then slowly turned, making a careful display of his massive silver-waistcoated frontage for the appreciative, friendly crowd as they waited for Chris to make her way down the aisle. As he stood there, noting that the boxes with the rings were waiting on the rostrum, Danielle winked at him and threw him a kiss, and he winked and waved, and then provocatively rubbed the side of his awe-inspiring breadbasket in return.

“Well, ladies, better stake your claims now,” Carl said quietly but clearly into the expectant air. “All the magnificent male abundance currently on display at the front won’t be available anymore in about ten minutes.”

“So, Carl, how soon before you get that big?” Danielle queried with a giggle beside him. “You’d look good in that tux.”

At that moment, the waiting violinist starting playing, low and sweet, the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies”, as Chris appeared and slowly made her way down the aisle to meet Jack.

As Chris slowly approached the front, and the sweet music swirled, Jack had a vision of the years stretching before him like his ever growing form, and he knew that he had found the life for him. Chris came up beside him, and the scent of the wedding feast to come drifted from her gown to Jack’s now highly-sensitive nose.

It made his mouth water.


In the receiving line after the wedding, Jack greeted all of their guests, even though his greetings were at times interrupted by the rumblings of his famished gut. By the time of the wedding, Jack’s stomach was unaccustomed to going without food for so long during waking hours - what with getting dressed, greeting the guests, the ceremony, and the receiving line, at least two hours had passed since Jack had eaten anything heavier than a chocolate! (Well, ok, a jumbo box of chocolates.) Behind him, the wedding feast smelled fabulous, and his massive belly was regularly signalling its hunger. Fortunately, Bernice came to his rescue.

“Here, Jack,” she said, handing over a thick steak and cheese pita wrap. “I could hear your tremendous tummy rumblings clear across the room. Congratulations,” she continued, as Jack bit thankfully into the fragrant offering. “I know you and Chris have a wonderful future together. Like I said, there are a few things you should know, though. Firstly, you do realise that this change is permanent, I hope?” she went on, patting Jack’s colossal, still rumbling belly.

“Well, I’d hoped that, after my weight tripled in the first four months,” Jack replied. “And I feel so good now, I wouldn’t want to go back, anyway.”

“That’s good,” said Bernice, “because I don’t think you can. We’ll have a chance to talk more later. You don’t have any brothers, do you? If they respond even a quarter as well as you have, I know some women who’d love to meet them,” asked Bernice jokingly.

"As a matter of fact, I do, but they're all married," Jack smiled back, "and I'm the youngest. But I do have nephews, and several of them are here - one of them is even already legal, 18," he added with a wry grin, as he turned away to greet the next in line.

When finally they’d shaken every hand, Jack and Chris moved towards the head table near the kitchen of the Club. He was not surprised to see Bernice already parked there, but was surprised by the line of servers waiting at the table.

“Those boys and girls are all for you,” Chris told him. “I want you to eat, drink and be merry today, and you can do that best if you have some folks to help you.”

“You really want me over that half-ton mark, don’t you, Chris?”

“Only if you want to be, Jack.”

“All I know right now is that I’m hungry. Let’s get started.” And with that, Jack stepped up to his place at the head table and picked up his glass of champagne.

“Friends, Romans, countryman,” he began, bowing slightly. “This is the happiest day of my life, a happiness I share with Chris, and now with all of you. Dig in, friends. Let the feasting begin!”

And with that, Jack dropped heavily onto the solid bench waiting for him, which groaned in response to the sudden, nearly half-ton load. The first of the servers stepped forward with a tray of appetizers - rich crab, fragrant cheese, exotic Thai, homespun ham - all of which were hand-sized, a couple of bites each. The server held the tray where Jack could easily grab the appetizers to pop them in his mouth, while a second server unfolded a serving table and set it on the head table near Jack’s right hand. She then proceeded to place drinks - Jack’s glasses of champagne, wine, juice, and milk - on the higher serving table, which made it easier for him to pick them up and deliver them to his mouth. Behind the server with the appetizers, a third server was unfolding another serving table that would bring the soup course - lobster bisque - closer to Jack’s mouth.

“If your arms should get tired,” said the server with the appetizers to Jack, “just tell us and we’ll be glad to feed you.” Her dark eyes shone as she winked flirtatiously at Jack. “We’ve all been watching you grow, and we’d be glad to help you along.”

"Chris, can you get Bernice to come over," Jack asked during a pause between courses. He had consumed enough that he'd asked for the silver waistcoat to be unbuttoned, and was well on his way to feeling comfortably full, when he'd recalled Bernice's question about whether he had brothers.

"Jack, you asked for me," said Bernice as she approached, admiring anew the magnificent form of her new brother-in-law.

"You'd asked if I have any brothers," Jack said, driving straight to the point. "I have three - Mike's over there" - Jack pointed with one heavy finger - "in the dark green jacket, and Chad and Peter are just beyond him. All married, as I said."

"Well, thank you. Don't worry about them being married - I'll just chat up their wives," Bernice remarked. "Now, can I get you another plateful? - the veal is especially good."

"Bernice," Jack said more loudly as she started to turn away, "I know they're not in your age bracket, but like I said, I also have nephews, and three of them are here today. Dave's the biggest, and he is 18...."

"Oh," said Bernice, "that's who those big boys are! Well, now... I have nieces."


Chris rolled over and considered the mountain of manhood now sleeping peacefully beside her. She admired how Jack’s bulk rose in a graceful arc above the bed, with his huge gut forming the top of the arc, standing nearly three feet tall. She noted the quiet grandeur of his heavy chest, which rose and fell slowly as he breathed. Even though she had ridden that mountain of flesh earlier this evening, still she marveled at its sheer size.

Two months into their marriage and Chris’ ardour for her enormous Jack hadn’t cooled, nor had his for her. His other appetite, for food, hadn’t slowed either, though his rate of gain had, not unexpectedly, eased somewhat. And that wasn’t a bad thing, thought Chris, surveying the well over half-ton of male bulk snoozing beside her. She snuggled back against his warm front, curling up against a meaty pec hanging above a bulging gut, and Jack instinctively draped one huge, warm, meaty arm across her. Although she had also slept atop Jack, she really preferred this way, snuggled up against his warm bulk, wrapped in one of his ham-sized arms.


As well as his enormous response to Bernice’s magic potion, Jack’s presence around the restaurant also reinforced the magic with which Bernice had blessed her sister’s Big Diners’ Club. Since Jack’s acceptance of Chris’s proposal, the Club’s membership had doubled, as more and more big eaters found their way past that green front door. Club profits had risen even faster, though, easily covering the mortgage Chris had taken out at Jack’s urging to double the size of the Club, and upgrade and partly automate its kitchen. Every week, it seemed, Chris was able to - seemingly magically - find a huge quantity discount on exactly the ingredients she needed for that week’s menus - or a great deal on something new she hadn’t tried before. The set menus proliferated in their variety, and their caloric content.

The expansion of the Club's premises and membership rolls seemed to be a virtuous positive cycle, and another thing that grew was the Club's staff - Chris had to hire new staff to serve the expanded membership, and the new staff themselves expanded in turn. It seemed very lucky to Jack - or was it magic? - that the new people Chris hired all proved to be wonderful, and they seemed to show up just when the Club needed someone. Chris had not had to let anyone go after their probationary period. Even the teenagers she’d taken on part-time in the kitchen as a favour to a friend had proved conscientious and careful.

And the original and the expanded staff were all expanding in size themselves - Marc, Jack’s waiter friend, had resumed gaining with the wedding feast, having put on five pounds that night, and ten pounds in the two months since, to his and his girlfriend’s delight. The pastry chef, Walter, who had been the same 300 pounds since he’d joined the staff before Jack's time, suddenly was noticeably bigger.

And long-time and newer Club members continue to grow, too. Carl, the famous TV chef Carl, put on five pounds at Jack and Chris’s wedding feast, and continued to grow - in the two months since he’s added another 15 pounds, topping the 600 pounds level as he now moves 605 pounds around the television studio. His hefty spouse Danielle also added five pounds that day - and has since expanded past 450 pounds. Bob and Ann, the couple Jack had met the first day, have also grown again for the first time in several years. Tim, one of the young fathers in the club, saw his waistline expand by three inches in the week after the wedding.

And those teenage boys are a tale in themselves. At first, Chris employed two of them in the kitchen part time as a favour to a friend, but they proved to be great employees, so she invited them to become Club members the week after their arrival - and they both packed on ten pounds in their first month of membership! And, they brought along other members of their high school football team who in turn joined up and became faithful regulars. As a result of all this teenage gourmandising, by September the local high school’s football team boasted defensive and offensive lines that bulged with newly added weight. One tackle, a big but formerly fairly rawboned guy, added 35 pounds in two months. The original two teenage part-timers grew the most - bigger and fatter - which seemed to delight both their girlfriends AND their football coach..


One of those football players was Chris’s surprise find Carleton. After graduation, Carleton will grow from high school football lineman into a truck driver for the club who grows in two ways - in magical resonance and ability, as well as in girth. (Carleton proves to be that rare find, a male magician with magical resonance.)

In between being hired, and the start of the school and football year, Carleton packs on 28 pounds to 328 - but actually loses fat and gains a lot of muscle, a strong base to haul more weight. His waist has shrunk by eight inches, while his chest grows by five - and his thighs expand to strain his pants! By mid football season, he’s 335. By mid-grade 12, end of football season, he’s grown to a winning 343 - his waist has shrunk down to a 40, while his chest has expanded to an even 60 inches! Once football season is over, though, the Big Diners’ Club’s influence takes over fully - and Carleton ‘relaxes’ his way to 385 by graduation, packing on eight inches of fat around his gut.

Chris realises that Carleton has magic potential - just look at how his desires helped him re-shape his own body - and she and Bernice introduce him to the world of shape-magic, wherein she finds he’s not just a locus, but a genuine male magician. Carleton, to stay close to the Club, changes career directions, and takes up truck driving - while his buddies struggle with summer jobs, then college - and in three months of truck driving school he fleshes out nicely to 450, pretty much all of it fat - as reflected in his generous waistline of 60 inches.

Three months of road trips and truck-stop gorging sees Carleton celebrating his 19th birthday at a comfy 520 pounds. Around the local truck stops he’s known as the incredible inflating boy - though his 30 000 calorie a day intake wins him friends with waitresses who love to watch a boy eat! With a 70 inch waistline, he needs an adapted truck - and through the network of Club members, Carleton gets just the truck his beefed-up girth needs, the first off a new assembly line started up by, yes indeed, another member of the Big Diners' Club. With an adapted truck beneath his substantial frame, his weight blossoms. The next six months see him grow to 625 pounds, and develop a full seven-foot waistline. A year’s driving sees him up to a comfy 680 pounds, a 230 pound gain in a year! By age 21 his weight has levelled out at to a comfy 750 pounds, much of it bouncing around his midriff as a 100 inch waistline. Of course, as his weight grows, so does the potency of the magic he can focus and the strength of the spells he can work.

While Chris appreciates Carleton's skills as a delivery man for food to feed her growing club, his true value to the club is his magician’s skills combined with his weight-enhanced magical resonance of 31. Combined with his truck mobility, he makes a great magical troubleshooter!

Not to mention that good luck just seems to follow him around... ah, magic.


Dave, Jack's nephew, comes to visit him at the Club. Has Dave gotten bigger than his dad Mike yet? What about his stated goal of getting to 500 pounds? And do Chris and Bernice have any female relatives of an appropriate age to introduce to him?
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