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A description of a helping hand, such as your own.
A look into a mirror

It was a long and cold night. The sky was gray and the wind was calm. As I went outside, I heard a whisper. I thought it was my imagination, but it grew stronger. I stopped to listen and a little voice broke down, "Why, why me, why"? I listened for a while, and turned around hoping to help this person. I went down the stairs leading to a door and saw a girl sitting down and crying. She was upset that her boyfriend had broken up with her. She was heartbroken. I tried to talk to her, but she held her head down. I asked her to stand up, pull her head up, wipe her tears away and look in the mirror, but she wouldn't. At that moment, I said, "He was yours for a while now you must let him go. Just let him go-- you'll find someone else that's just like you, even better". She looked at me with her round, brown eyes and said, "I can't let him go." So I looked at her and with hope said to her," You will let go eventually and when you do, you'll look back at this and wonder why you spend so much time hurting yourself for something that's gone. Smile and remember that you'll always be in his heart." She smiled back at me and looked back at the mirror - only to see that the person standing there was my imagination.
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